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The Craftsman is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He works for the Blacksmith of Hyrule at the Blacksmith's House. He often sings about the Blacksmith and his family while he is working.[1][2] If Link brings the Blacksmith two pieces of Master Ore, he offers to temper the Master Sword to make it more powerful.[3] The Craftsman is eager to help out, excited to see how the tempered sword turns out.[4]

The Craftsman appears to care about Gulley and is worried along with the rest of the Blacksmith's family when he goes missing.[5] He also is one of the first people to notice that Rosso has gone missing, and asks if Link will visit Rosso's Ore Mine to check on him if he heads to Death Mountain.[6][7][8] When Link rescues Gulley, the Craftsman is relieved and hopes that things will return to normal around the Blacksmith's house.[9] After saving both of them, he is very impressed by Link's heroics.[10] Though he admits that the Blacksmith was right about Link being a "diamond in the rough", he reminds Link that he is superior to Link in the Blacksmith's shop.[11]


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