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Zazaks are enemies from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. They are similar to the Daira from The Adventure of Link as well as the Dinolfos from later games in the series.

A Link to the Past

Blue Zazak


Blue Zazak wears armor with cape, but do not wield any weapons at all. They are one of the most common enemies that appear in Thieves' Town, the fourth dungeon found within the Dark World. Blue Zazak later appear in Ganon's Tower, as well as within the Palace of the Four Sword.

Blue Zazaks simply move around at random, slowly creeping towards Link. Their only form of attack is to simply walk right into Link. Since they move rather slow and are big targets, it's quite easy for Link to defend himself. If Link does come into contact with a Blue Zazak, two full hearts of damage will be done. Fortunately, these enemies don't have much health and Link can defeat them with one swipe from his Master Sword.

Red Zazak


Red Zazaks are much more dangerous than the blue variety. They move around in similar patterns as the Blue Zazaks, but the main difference is that they have the ability to shoot fireballs. These are rather strong fireballs that Link cannot even block with his Fire Shield. However, he can block them late in the game after acquiring the Mirror Shield.

The Fireballs will do two hearts of damage, the same amount of damage done if the Zazaks just runs into Link. The Red Zazaks are a bit more resilient than the blue variety, needing two strikes from Link's Master Sword to be defeated.

A Link Between Worlds

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Blue Zazak

Red Zazak