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Gibdo Wing
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Obtained from


Fuse to arrows/weapons to increase airborne distance
Blunt Fused Weapons
Upgrade Glide Set

Dye Color




Gibdo Wing is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A wing that catches the light. Arrows and thrown weapons fly farther with this item attached. Cook it with a critter to make an elixir."

— In-game description

Gibdo Wings can be obtained as a drop from a Moth Gibdo. Link can use the wing to make Arrows and thrown weapons fly farther, and as an upgrade material for the Glide Set. Unlike other wings however, Gibdo Wings become much rarer to collect once the Riju of Gerudo Town part of the Main Quest is complete, as most overworld Moth Gibdos vanish completely from the map. Moth Gibdos from that point onward spawn in two specific locations, around the Gerudo Underground Cemetery in the Gerudo Desert Depths, and in the Ancient Altar Ruins, accessed via a field of quicksand sinkholes in the East Barrens of Gerudo Desert. Five Gibdo Wings can also be collected once every Blood Moon cycle in the soldier barracks to the left of Riju's throne room, next to where Patricia gives prophecies if fed a Splash Fruit. Gibdo Wings can drop during the Gibdo phase of the War in the Depths of Hyrule before the final fight against Demon King Ganondorf, but will not be saved to the game inventory if the game is completed from that point. If farming Gibdo Wings to level up the Glide Set, it is best to do so before completing the Lightning Temple. The Moth Gibdos that spawn when fighting Queen Gibdo do not drop any materials.