Black Boss Bokoblin Horn

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Black Boss Bokoblin Horn
Black Boss Bokoblin Horn - TotK icon.png


Boss Bokoblin Horns deal much more damage then regular Bokoblin Horns




Green-rupee.png 36

Obtained from


Upgrade Royal Guard Set to ★★★
Cooking Elixirs
Fuse to weapons to make Black Boss Boko Reapers



Black Boss Bokoblin Horn is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

See also: Boss Bokoblin Horn, Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn, and Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn

"A double-edged, axe-shaped horn with two leader bands. Attach it to a weapon to greatly increase attack power, or cook it with a critter to make an elixir."

— In-game description

A Black Boss Bokoblin Horn is dropped by all Black Boss Bokoblins in the game. It can be attached to a weapon to increase attack power by 27, or cooked with creatures to make an elixir. If used in an elixir, it will increase the duration of any effect by 40 seconds.