Lanayru (Dragon)

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Lanayru is one of the three dragons that appear in Skyward Sword. Also known as the Thunder Dragon, he protects the Lanayru Province. When Link first arrives at Lanayru Gorge, he only finds Lanayru's skeleton. After activating a Timeshift Stone, the time reverts to when the dragon was alive. However, he is sick and cannot sing his part of the Song of the Hero. The Ancient Robots try to grow the Tree of Life in a hope that it might help the cause of Lanayru. Link can take the Life Tree Seedling to the Sealed Temple and plant it in the past so that it grows into the Life Tree Fruit in the future. The Life Tree Fruit restores the dragon's health and he can sing his part.

Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round

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Lanayru runs the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round after he recovers from his sickness. It allows Link to fight bosses from his past, or repeat Silent Realm challenges. If Link beats all eight bosses, Lanayru rewards him with the Hylian Shield. There are many other prizes that can be earned as well, such as rupees, a Piece of Heart, or other goodies.