Shock Fruit

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Shock Fruit
Shock Fruit - TotK icon.png




Green-rupee.png 12


Green-rupee.png 3

Obtained from

Shock Likes
Bokoblin archers


Create Shock Arrow by fusing with arrow.




Shock Fruit is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"When cooked correctly, this shockingly tasty fruit stimulates the consumer's muscles and grants increased attack power during thunderstorms."

— In-Game Description

When Link consumes a Shock Fruit, he will regain a quarter of a heart. If Link cooks some in a Cooking Pot, it creates Stormy meals if not cancelled with another effect. This gives Link Stormy Weather Attack, a more limited version of Attack Up which only works during thunderstorms. Stormy meals do not provide Shock Resistance.

Link can Fuse an Shock Fruit with an arrow to create a Shock Arrow.