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Rem is a shoemaker whose store is located in Hyrule Town. He struggles with sleep problems, where he falls asleep while in the middle of making a shoe. The Minish then help him complete the project, leading him to believe he possesses the ability to make shoes in his sleep.

Pegasus Boots

Rem gives Link the Pegasus Boots after he has used the Wake-Up Mushroom to allow him to complete the project the Minish have been working on.


  • Rem's name is based on the rapid eye movement stage of sleep, which is the point which dreams can occur.
  • Rem and the Minish that assist him are likely based on the fairy tale of The Elves and the Shoemaker, where a shoemaker struggles with falling asleep and elves assist him in completing his shoes.
012 Rem

The proprietor of Rem's Shoe Store. Using his "secret technique," he makes shoes in his sleep. Princess Zelda is his single biggest source of income.