Electric Lizalfos Horn

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Electric Lizalfos Horn
Electric Lizalfos Horn - TotK icon.png





Green-rupee.png 15

Obtained from


Making Electric Fused Weapons
Making Elixirs
Armor upgrades


When fused, turns weapons into shock weapons
Elixir Duration +00:40

Dye Color




Electric Lizalfos Horn is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A horn charged with as much electricity as a bolt of lightning. Cook it with a critter to make an elixir. It will discharge electricity when stimulated."

— In-game description

Electric Lizalfos Horns can be obtained as a drop from Electric Lizalfos.

When fused to a weapon, Electric Lizalfos Horns create a electric Fused Weapon, similar to a Thunderblade or Thunderspear, which shocks enemies when hit, causing enemies not immune to electricity to drop their weapons. If used multiple times in quick succession, there is a short cooldown before the electric effect recharges.

They are required at Great Fairy Fountains to upgrade the Rubber Set to ★★★★ level (15 total, 5 per piece) and the Charged Set to ★★ level (15 total, 5 per piece).

They can be used in combination with various Creatures to create different types of Elixirs, which increment Link's stats for a period of time. They can also be fused with weapons to greatly increase their attack power.