Water Fountain Woman

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Water Fountain Woman






Water Fountain Woman is a character from Oracle of Seasons, appearing exclusively in a Linked Game file.


The Water Fountain Woman is an unnamed character found standing next to the water fountain near the center of Horon Village. After speaking with the Maku Tree at the start of the game, the woman will appear in the village. Speaking to her will begin the Fairy Secret, one of the ten Linked Game Secretss found in Oracle of Seasons.

Fairy Secret

Main article: Fairy Secret

Speak to the Water Fountain Woman and she will recognize Link as the hero who saved Labrynna. In honor of meeting Link, she will teach him the Happiness Secret, which she learned from the Fairies of the Fairy's Woods in Labrynna.[1] She mentions that if Link tells this to the Fairies, Link will feel even happier.[2][3]

Back in Oracle of Ages, Link can visit the Fairy's Woods and speak with the Blue Fairy at the northwest part of the woods. After telling the secret to the fairy, they remember it as the secret they told to the girl in Holodrum.[4] As a reward, the Fairy will give Link a Heart Container. The Fairy will then he'll also teach Link a secret that he can take back to Holodrum.[5]

Link can return Holodrum and visit the Maku Tree. Upstairs he can meet up with Farore and tell the secret the Prankster Fairy told him to earn a Heart Container. However, despite being able to start this quest at the start of Link's journey, Link is not able to enter the Maku Tree until he has grown bigger, which isn't until after Link receives the element from Snake's Remains.



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