White Sword

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This article is about White Sword. For the Goddess Sword upgrade of similar name, see Goddess White Sword.
White Sword

The White Sword is a recurring series of Swords in The Legend of Zelda series. It has appeared in two games thus far. It is the second best sword in both games it is offered in.

The Legend of Zelda



The White Sword is the second sword Link receives in The Legend of Zelda. It is located inside a cave on the top of the waterfall just west of the Lost Hills. The White Sword is twice as powerful as the original Sword, making it very simple to defeat most of the basic enemies in the game, including Goriyas and Vires. In order to be eligible for the White Sword, Link has to accumulate at least five Heart Containers, then go to the aforementioned location, where the Old Man says to Link, "Master using it and you can have this."[2] If Link has accumulated at least five Heart Container, the Old Man then gives Link the White Sword.

It is possible to obtain the White Sword before the first dungeon by using the Blue Candle to find secret caves underneath bushes where the Old Man offers Link either a Heart Container or a 2nd Potion.[3]

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Main article: Noble Sword

In the Japanese version of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, the Noble Sword is called the White Sword.

The Minish Cap

The White Sword also appears in The Minish Cap. It is the reforging of the legendary blade, the Picori Blade after it was shattered by Vaati.

Melari will reforge the Broken Picori Blade while Link is completing the Cave of Flames. After the dungeon is completed, he will have finished the White Sword and gives it to Link. This sword has nearly double the strength of Smith's Sword. After obtaining the White Sword, Link can infuse it with the power of the Earth and Fire elements. This new White Sword is slightly stronger and it allows Link to duplicate himself using certain tiles located throughout Hyrule. After completing the Temple of Droplets, Link can head back to the Elemental Sanctuary once again. The White Sword can now be infused with the power of the Water Element. This sword is slightly stronger as well and it allows Link to split into three copies of himself.

After infusing the fourth element, the Wind Element, the White Sword will become the Four Sword.

Skyward Sword

Main article: Goddess White Sword

The Goddess White Sword is the third form of the Goddess Sword in Skyward Sword.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

BS The Legend of Zelda

The hero can get the White Sword from an Old Man hiding under a grave in the graveyard if they have at least five Heart Containers. While it can technically be obtained as soon as the Blue Candle becomes available to buy at the start of Week 2, whirlwinds make the graveyard hard to reach until they are suppressed by a spell from the Old Man resident in the Starting Screen cave, 45 minutes into Week 2.

Hyrule Warriors

The White Sword is the second-level version of Link's Hylian Sword weapon, unlocked in Legend Mode from a Sealed Weapon found by capturing the East Cannon Keep in Sealed Ambition.


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