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The Trendy Game is a mini-game in Mabe Village that is similar to a traditional arcade claw game.

After paying the owner ten rupees,[1] Link can take control of a crane to try and catch prizes that are on a rectangular conveyor belt platform. The rewards vary between Magic Powder,[2] Rupees,[3], a Recovery Heart,[4] and a new Shield ( L-1 ).[5] The B button is used to move the claw right and A to move it down, but Link must time it correctly; once he lets go of the A button, the crane descends and grabs an item. If he misses, he must exit the building and reenter to play again.[6] If he succeeds, the crane automatically releases the claw over the conveyor belt to the left, where his prize slowly comes toward him.

One of the biggest rewards of the Trendy Game is the Yoshi Doll.[7] Instead of looping around on the conveyor belt with the rest of the items, the doll is found in the center of the game room. It is the first item in the Trading Sequence, and it is required to obtain the Ribbon, Dog Food, and ultimately the Bananas, which allow Link to pass into Kanalet Castle with Kiki's help.


  • If Link brings Marin to the Trendy Game while she is following him, she asks if she can play.[8][9] If Link lets her, she picks up the owner as a prize.[10] The owner then tells them to leave.[11]



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