Goriya (A Link to the Past)

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Goriyas are enemies that come in multiple colors within A Link to the Past. While Goriya have appeared in a variety of Zelda titles, their A Link to the Past variation is significantly different than all of their other variations as in the Japanese version they aren't Goriyas at all, but a new monster called "Coppie" or "コッピ."

Green Goriya


The Green Goriya is first encountered deep within the Dark Palace, the first dungeon of the Dark World. The Goriya resembles any over-sized Rat and its movements will depend on how Link moves. When Link moves up, the Green Goriya moves down. Likewise, when Link moves down, the Green Goriya moves up. This same mirrored movement also translates to when Link moves left and right. However, since most times when Link encounters a Green Goriya, the Goriya is already facing Link. So when Link moves to his left, the Goriya moves to its right, but both move to the left side of the screen.

Link can defeat a Green Goriya with four swipes from his Master Sword. In order to hit the Goriya, Link will need to corner it by forcing it to move against a wall. Alternatively, Link can directly face the Goriya and shoot it with a single Arrow to defeat it. Other weapons from Link's inventory also work, including one hit from the Magic Hammer.

Since Link completely controls the Green Goriyas movements and the enemy has no true attack, they aren't that harmful to Link. However, if Link runs into a Green Goriya, one heart of damage will be done.

Red Goriya


Red Goriyas are significantly stronger than their Green counterparts. Their armor makes them invulnerable to Link's Master Sword and most of Link's arsenal of weapons. Link will need to use his Bow and Arrow to defeat this stronger variant. Even so, it will take two direct arrow shots to defeat a Red Goriya.

What makes this enemy even more difficult is that it has the ability to shoot fireballs out at Link. If Link is directly in front of a Red Goriya and is facing it, the Goriya will shoot out a large fireball. This Fireball cannot be blocked with Link's Fire Shield, but late in the game while Link is journeying through Ganon's Tower, these fireball attacks can be blocked by Link's Mirror Shield. If Link is hit by the Red Goriyas fireball attack, it will do two full hearts of damage.

The Red Goriya doesn't completely mirror Link's movements like its Green counterpart. When Link moves vertically, the Red Goriya will move in the opposite direction, just like the Green Goriya. However, if Link turns to his left, the Red Goriya will also turn to its left. This is different from the Green Goriya who also turns to the opposite direction. Additionally, the Red Goriya does move faster than its Green counterpart.