Hyrule Ridge

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Hyrule Ridge is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The ridge takes up the majority of the Ridgeland Tower region, west of Hyrule Field and Hyrule Castle.

Tears of the Kingdom

Hyrule Ridge takes up much of the area that falls between the Tamio River, Regencia River, and the Tanagar Canyon.

This includes the area that was previously where the Ridgeland Tower was in Breath of the Wild. The area here is a small lake with numerous lilypads on it. This includes numerous treasure chests in and around the water.

  • Rocket - In the shallow water at the northwest portion of the lake.
  • Large Zonai Charge - On top of one of the underwater mushrooms at the southeast part of the lake. Use the Board just to the south to reach the chest.
  • Arrows x5 - In a wooden chest on top of the Bokoblin camp, at the southwest part of the lake.
  • Fan - In the shallow water at the southeast part of the lake.
  • Opal - In a wooden chest at the Bokoblin camp, east of the lake.
  • Large Zonai Charge - On top of another underwater mushroom, this one at the east part of the lake. Link will need to use a board or create a raft in order to reach the chest.
  • Flame Emitter x3 - Underwater near the north end of the lake. Link can stand on the ruins that are in the water and grab the chest with Ultrahand.

At the south end of the area, Addison can be found holding up a Hudson Sign. Link can use the nearby Boards to hold the sign up. As a reward, Addison will give Link a Red Rupee, some Spicy Veggie Rice Balls, and a Puffshroom.