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The Unlucky Sailor is a character in Oracle of Seasons.


The Unlucky Sailor can be found on the second floor of the House of Pirates. When Link first talks to him, he wonders if the Captain is alright, as he is so forgetful as he doesn't know where his Bell is located.[1] After the bell is polished up and the Subrosians set sail, the Unlucky Sailor will stay behind, remaining at the House of Pirates. He still worries about how forgetful the Piratians can be.[2]

Pirate Secret

Main article: Pirate Secret

In Oracle of Ages, after Link has acquired Roc's Feather and completed Wing Dungeon, a Young Girl will appear at the South Shore, located just south of the Black Tower. She mentions that she has forgotten to tell her lucky secret to the guy who has traveled to Holodrum. She will ask Link if he'd be willing to help her out.[3] She will then tell Link a secret.

In Oracle of Seasons, link can head to the House of Pirates, located in Subrosia. Here Link can tell him the secret.[4][5] The Sailor won't quite give Link the reward yet. First, he asks Link to come back when he has exactly 777 Ore Chunks.[6][7]. Once Link has done so, he can return to get Bomb capacity upgrade.[8]



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