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Taros[1] are enemies from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.

A Link to the Past

Taros are found within the Dark World and come in two color variations.

Blue Taros


The Blue Taros are the more common of the two variations of Taros. They are first encountered shortly after Link enters the Dark World. They roam around in the Overworld, first encountered just southeast of the Pyramid of Power. In many ways they behave very similar to that of their Light World counterparts, the Sword Soldiers. They will patrol back and forth, but if Link comes anywhere near them, they will charge directly at him.

Blue Taros are some of the weakest enemies that Link encounters within the Dark World. While many of the overworld enemies that Link counters do multiple hearts of damage, the Blue Taros will do just a 1/2 heart of damage if it comes into contact with Link. They don't have much health either, as Link can defeat them with two swipes from his Master Sword.

Red Taros


The Red Taros are a rare enemy that appear in the Dark World. A single Red Taros appears appears just north of the Village of Outcasts but they are more abundantly found within Ganon's Tower. Instead of the Rods that they Blue Taros wield, the Red Taros carries a much more dangerous trident spear.

The Red Taros are much more observant of their surroundings in comparison to the Blue variety. The Red Taros can sense Link from a much greater distance and will immediately start charging at him. These Red Taros are more persistent and move significantly faster than the Blue Taros.

In addition to their improved awareness and speed, Red Taros also deal more damage, delivering a full heart of damage each time they come into contact with Link. They are also more resilient, needing three strikes from Link's Master Sword to be defeated.

A Link Between Worlds

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