Eldin Volcano

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For the Hyrule Warriors stage, see Eldin Caves.

Eldin Volcano is a location present in Skyward Sword. It is located within the northernmost section of the Surface. Link must travel through this hot and humid area several times in his adventure to locate and rescue his childhood friend, Zelda. This area of the surface is also the place of residence for the friendly mole-like Mogma race. These creatures have adapted to the conditions around Eldin Volcano and take a liking to digging underground.

First Visit

After failing to reach Zelda at the end of the Skyview Temple, Link receives another piece of the Ancient Tablet to place within the Chamber of the Goddess Sword. Upon inserting the Ruby Tablet, a pathway to Eldin Volcano opens up in The Sky. Shortly after Link lands here, he comes across two Mogmas who say they have seen Zelda pass through the area recently. As Link progresses forward, he comes across yet another Mogma. Here, Link is told that someone dressed in black ventured through the area not too long ago.

After Link passes through several lava-based puzzles, he progresses further though the volcanic area and soon dives down into a cave. Passing by various things in his dive, Link soon safely lands inside this large cavern. After speaking with a Mogma here, Link is informed of how these poor creatures were pestered by Bokoblins. Once Link has gotten rid of the Mogma's problem, he is gratefully rewarded with a pair of Digging Mitts, an item that helps him venture even further into the volcano.

Using the newly acquired Digging Mitts, Link can head down the tunnel to his right and find himself in a large maze-like area. Seven large round pillars are positioned in this room with six out of the seven housing Pyrups that spew out fire to block Link's progress. Link must carefully navigate his way through this area, using Bomb Flowers to take out the Pyrups that block his way, allowing him to progress to a new area. In this new area, Link digs open a geyser, and after riding it upwards, he uses the much larger geyser positioned there to soar back outside. Link speaks with a nearby Mogma and is informed that a person wearing black had just moved through there. Using nearby Bomb Flowers, Link re-builds the broken bridge that the mysterious cloaked figure jumped across.

After going through several small Bokoblin bases, Link finds himself at the entrance to the long-awaited Earth Temple. Before the door to the temple lies two Mogmas talking about the key to the Temple, and as it turns out, the key that opens the Temple was broken into five pieces that have been scattered all over the volcano. After learning this, Fi states that dowsing for the key parts would likely make finding them easier. After collecting all five missing pieces, Link is finally able to explore the Earth Temple and continue his search for Zelda.

Final Visit: Bokoblin Base

In this trip to Eldin Volcano, Link is attempting to find part of the Song of the Hero. As Link arrives at Eldin Volcano, an animation plays in which the volcano erupts, and Link is robbed and captured by Bokoblins. The Bokoblins seem to have taken over Eldin Volcano, making escape almost impossible. Link is saved by a Mogma that he saved in the Fire Sanctuary. The Mogma gives Link the Digging Mitts that he has lost. Link then journeys through the land re-collecting his items, and using them for uses that replace that of later items. When Link has obtained most of his items, he can go into the super high heat part of Eldin Volcano, and get his sword back. After continuing through the high heat part of Eldin, Link finds a Treasure Chest that contains all of his pouch items. A little more exploration brings Link to Eldin the Dragon, where he learns part of the Song of the Hero.