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Bombs - 1 hit




Target lock: Pyrup

This skittish monster prefers to hide
in small holes or inside the skeletal
remains of deceased creatures.

Once the cowardly Pyrup finds a small
space from which to spit flames, it
becomes unapproachable.

You will need to employ a clever
strategy to defeat it. Inflicting damage
from a distance may be the only way

Pyrups are tiny seal-like creatures that make high-pitched sounds and hide inside walls or beneath rocks in Skyward Sword. They have a single antenna hanging from its head, the function of it is presumably to act as a radar. They attack by spraying a line of fire towards Link, and can also obstruct his path in this manner. They can be defeated by throwing a Bomb into the hole in the wall they hide in or the rock they hide beneath, defeating the enemy in the process.