Ocarina of Time: Pieces of Heart
In this guide, you can find all 36 Pieces of Heart found within the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It takes four Pieces of Heart to form a Heart Container, meaning there's 9 potential Heart Containers for you to find! Just click the map below to get started!

Hyrule Field
Piece of Heart #15

In the southwest corner of Hyrule Field is the entrance to Lake Hylia. Just before the entrance itself is four fences that form a square. Lay a bomb in the center to reveal a hole. Jump down and buy the Piece of Heart from the Business Scrub for 10 Rupees. What a deal!
Piece of Heart #26

North of Lon Lon Ranch (between Gerudo Valley and Hyrule Castle) there is a tree. Place a bomb next to it to reveal a hole. Inside, use either the Iron Boots or the Gold Scale to dive deep into the water and retrieve this Piece of Heart.

Piece of Heart #8

During the day, the Bombchu Bowling Alley is open and ready for business! The game cycles through five different prizes, in this order: Bombchus, Piece of Heart, Bombs, Bomb Bag, Purple Rupee (50). If you mess up playing the game for the prize you want, you'll have to wait for the prize to cycle around again. Aww!
Piece of Heart #9

During the night, there are lots of dogs roaming the streets. If you touch one, it will follow you until you enter a building or leave the area entirely. There is one specific dog we want, which is the white one behind the booth just to the left of the exit leading back to Hyrule Field. Make it follow you, then head over to the right a bit and enter the Back Alley between the buildings. Enter the door straight ahead to your left, which is the only one open at night. Inside, you'll find a rather large woman wearing a blue dress who is constantly raving about her "Little Richard" during the day. For bringing him back, she'll gift you with a Piece of Heart. Score!
Piece of Heart #33

The Treasure Chest Shop is open only at night. Enter and you can play this game for 10 Rupees a try. In each room, you are given a choice between two chests, one being a prize while the other allows you to move forward to better prizes. It's a fifty-fifty chance you'll make it each time, so your chances of doing it on your own... aren't that good... Once you have acquired the Lens of Truth, you can use it during the game (there's a sign out front that says no lenses are allowed, teehee!) in order to see what's inside the chests. Pick all the Small Key chests to get to the end.

Lon Lon Ranch
Piece of Heart #2

During the past, go to Lon Lon Ranch and enter the storage building in the back of the ranch. Pull the boxes back to reach the far corner where you'll find a hole you can crawl through. This leads to a little area with a Piece of Heart in a nest. Apparently birds can lay hearts?

Lost Woods
Piece of Heart #3

When you enter the lost woods as a child, go right one screen then jump down into the lower area. Stand on the stump off to the right to make two Skull Kids appear. Pull out your Ocarina and they'll let you play along with their songs. It's essentially a game of Simon Says, and if you can manage to play three of their songs in a row (that steadily get more difficult), they'll gift you with a Piece of Heart.
Piece of Heart #4

Enter the Lost Woods as a child and go left one screen. Stand on the stump, pull out your Ocarina and play Saria's Song once you've acquired it. The Skull Kid on top of the tree trunk in front of you will get excited and offer you a Piece of Heart for his new friend. That's the sign of a true friend!

Kakariko Village
Piece of Heart #7

To get this Piece of Heart, you need to get on top of Impa's House (the building to the far southwest). You can get there by either catching a ride from the Owl atop Death Mountain as a child, or using the Hookshot as an adult to get on top of the House of Skulltula, then on top of Impa's House.
Once you get up there, jump off to the east side where there's a ledge above the fence. Enter the hole in the wall which takes you into a cage inside the house with a cow...? and a Piece of Heart!
Piece of Heart #19

Within the Windmill is a ledge with a Piece of Heart resting atop it. You can either use the Boomerang as a child to bring it down, or you can race against Dampe in the Graveyard as an adult, then jump across the moving platforms to get it.
Piece of Heart #20

Once you have collected 50 Gold Skulltulas go into the House of Skulltulas and claim your prize.
Piece of Heart #30

When you are an adult, use the Longshot to get onto the roof of granny's potion shop and then talk to the guy up there and he will give you the Peice of Heart. You can also barely reach it with the Hookshot while standing next to the windmill.
Another way, (cheater...) is to get on top of the lookout tower, face to the south, Z-target, and side jump to the left. This will cause you to land on top of the fence, which you can then use to climb up. You can do this to get this Piece of Heart WAY early.

Piece of Heart #1

Go up to the giant tombstone (Royal Family's Tomb) and turn back to the exit. There are five tombstones on your left side directly in front of you. The second from the right can be pulled back. Do so and drop down into the hole to find a ReDead. Defeat it (freeze it first with the Sun's Song), then stand on the steps and play the Sun's Song (again) to make a chest appear containing a Piece of Heart.
Piece of Heart #14

Once you have a lot of Rupees to throw around, enter the Graveyard between 18:00 and 21:00 (you can talk to the guard at the entrance of Kakariko to check the time). You will have the option of playing Dampe's Heart-Pounding Grave Digging Tour for 10 Rupees a try. Speak to him when he's standing in front of a patch of soft soil, pay up, and see what you find. Mostly, you find nothing, but occasionally you get Rupees. Eventually, you will find a Piece of Heart. Unfortunately, it's completely random, so you could end up being here awhile... *cries*
Piece of Heart #18

On the left side of the Graveyard as a child, there is a soft soil location. Plant a Magic Bean and return as an adult later on. Ride the Magic Bean Plant up onto the ledge and roll into the crate to find a Piece of Heart.
Piece of Heart #29

Once you've acquired the Hookshot, you can race against Dampe again anytime you like. If you can beat him in under a minute, you'll get a Piece of Heart. Perhaps the most successful way of doing this is to use the Longshot, once you have it, to latch onto the torch near the end of the maze, shaving a few seconds off your travels.

Death Mountain Trail
Piece of Heart #21

As a child, plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil at the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern. When you return as an adult, you can ride the Magic Bean Plant to jump onto the ledge just above Dodongo's Cavern where a Piece of Heart awaits.
Another way to get there is to go to the Bomb Flowers directly above as a child. Move the Bomb Flower out of the way, then face away towards the southeast (opposite the cavern), Z-target and backflip. If done right, you'll land on the platform and can get the Piece of Heart early.

Goron City
Piece of Heart #5

At the lowest level of the city, light all of the torches using Deku Sticks (and the lit torch in Darunia's chamber) or Din's Fire. Once all of them are lit, the giant goron-faced urn in the center will begin spinning. Go up to the second floor where you can toss either Bomb Flowers or Bombs into it once it gets close. If they explode when the face that's towards you is smiling, you'll get a Piece of Heart and some rupees. It can take awhile and is very frustrating, so don't feel like you're the only one.

Death Mountain Crater
Piece of Heart #6

The wall that leads up to the large area at the entrance of Death Mountain Crater is climbable and it has an alcove with a Piece of Heart in it. There's two ways you can get it:
1) You can enter DMC as a child and runn straight forward. When you hit the ledge, rather than jumping, Link will turn around and start climbing down. Get to the alcove and claim your prize, then quickly leave before you run out of time (the limit is based on the amount of Heart Containers you have, so the more health the better). You can always use this method as an adult as well.
2) The other way is to plant a Magic Bean here as a child and ride the Magic Bean Plant as an adult. It'll eventually take you over to the alcove.
Piece of Heart #22

As a child, warp to Death Mountain Crater and plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil next to the teleport pad. Warp back as an adult and ride the Magic Bean up to one of the two smoky mountains in the center of the area, which has a Piece of Heart atop it.

Lake Hylia
Piece of Heart #13

In the Fishing Pond game, catch a 10-pound fish as a child and show it to the man to get a Piece of Heart.
Piece of Heart #28

Once you win the Golden Scale from the Fishing Pond, you can enter the Lakeside Laboratory and use it to dive down as far as you can. Link will touch the bottom and you'll hear the Zelda chime. Swim back up and speak with Dr. Mizumi to get a reward.
Piece of Heart #27

At the very top of the Lakeside Laboratory is a Piece of Heart. To get up there, you can either plant a Magic Bean as a child and ride it as an adult or use the Scarecrow's Song and Hookshot up. Watch out for the Guays (crows) while you're at it too.

Zora's River
Piece of Heart #10

There's a pillar in the middle of the Zora's River area in the water that has a Piece of Heart atop it. There's a few different ways to get to it:
1) You can bring the Cucco from the beginning of the area, jump at the nearby platform and let go of the chicken at the last moment to grab on, pull yourself up and jump to the Piece of Heart.
2) Use the Boomerang as a child to retrieve it.
3) Use the Hover Boots as an adult to float over and grab it.
Piece of Heart #11

At the end of Zora's River, near the entrance to Zora's Domain is a platform in the corner with a Piece of Heart. There's a few ways to get it:
1) Bring the Cucco from the beginning of the area, throwing it up ledges and quickly grabbing it before it can touch water and fly off. Get to the highest point near the platform, jump to it, let go of the Cucco at the last moment to grab onto the ledge, snag the prize.
2) Use the Boomerang.
3) Use the Hover Boots.
Piece of Heart #31

In the middle of Zora's Domain, there's some odd looking branches in the water along with some frogs. Stand on the flat, stumpy part of the logs and it'll say "some frogs are looking at you from under the water." Pull out your Ocarina to make five frogs come out, who mimic your Ocarina playing. Play the Song of Storms to make them very excited and give you a Piece of Heart.
Piece of Heart #32

After getting Piece of Heart #31 from the frogs, play all of the other regular (non teleporting) songs to make each frog grow. Once all of them are grown, they'll let you play a little bug-catching game. Play the button they represent when the butterfly is hovering over them to make them eat it. You only have a limited amount of time, so you have to be quick. Luckily, the pattern isn't random:
A, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Down, A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, A.
The frogs will reward you with a Piece of Heart.

Zora's Domain
Piece of Heart #12

There are five unlit torches in Zora's Domain.
1) As a child, run up to the throne room and light a Deku Stick, then run down the stairs and light the torch you find at the corner. This one will stay lit.
2) Get out a new Deku Stick so you have the most time and start spiraling down the ramp.
3) Next to the shop is another torch, continue on into the water.
4) In the northern corner is a torch next to a circle of stones. Light it then quickly head to the waterfall.
5) The final two torches are behind the waterfall. Stay close to the edge, run inside and light them to make a large chest appear.

Zora's Fountain
Piece of Heart #23

When you return to Zora's Domain as an adult, Jabu-Jabu is no longer here and there are no a bunch of icebergs floating around. Jump across them to find a Piece of Heart atop one of them.
Piece of Heart #25

Once you have the Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic (that you can get by melting the Red Ice encasing King Zora) sink down to the bottom of Zora's Fountain to find a Piece of Heart in the center.

Ice Cavern
Piece of Heart #24

In the far right room with Blue Fire, lots of stalactites that fall from the ceiling and some patches of Red Ice, there's a Piece of Heart encased in Red Ice to the north. Use Blue Fire to melt it.

Gerudo Valley
Piece of Heart #16

In Gerudo Valley, there's the giant waterfall to the north. In the center of the waterfall is an alcove with a Piece of Heart. There's a ladder to get up there, so the general idea is to drop down into the water closest to the waterfall and swim over to the ladder. As a child, you can grab the Cucco nearby and float over to it. As an adult, you'll probably have more luck getting on the "Gerudo side" of the bridge and jumping down onto the solid land, then running over to the higher water and jumping in.
Piece of Heart #17

When standing on the bridge, if you look towards the "Gerudo side" of the bridge and look off to the left, you'll see a platform up against the wall with a crate. Roll into the crate to find a Piece of Heart. There's two ways to get over to this platform:
1) As a child, grab the Cucco and float over to the crate.
2) As an adult, jump down onto the similar platform on the "Hyrule Field side," then use the Longshot on the crate to get across.

Gerudo Fortress
Piece of Heart #34

At the very top of the fortress is a large treasure chest. One of the doors to the south takes you to an upper ledge where you can walk around and climb up some vines to get to the highest point. Run over to the north and at the gap, you can play the Scarecrow's Song to make Pierre appear. Use the Hookshot to get across and open the chest for a Piece of Heart. If you have the Longshot, you should just barely be able to latch onto the chest itself.
Piece of Heart #35

Once you have saved all the carpenters and acquired the Gerudo Membership Card, you can bring Epona to the far east and play the Gerudo Shooting Range game. If you can manage to get over 1,000 Points, she'll gift you with a Piece of Heart.

Desert Colossus
Piece of Heart #36

Next to the entrance of the Spirit Temple is a soft soil location. Plant a Magic Bean as a child, then come back as an adult and ride it. Near the end of its travels, it'll go over the Stonehenge-looking platform where there's a Piece of Heart. Jump off and collect the final one in the game!