Sweeping Lady

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Sweeping Lady
Sweeping Lady from A Link to the Past






The Sweeping Lady is a character from A Link to the Past.


The Sweeping Lady is an elderly woman that can be found sweeping in front of her house. Her house is located just to the west of the Bug-Catching Kid's house in Kakariko Village. Despite the rumors of Link kidnapping Princess Zelda, she tells Link that she still trusts him[1]. Inside her house, Link can find five Cuccos. Link can bomb the right wall to find a secret room with a Treasure Chest that contains some Arrows.

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  • If Link sprinkles the Sweeping Lady with Magic Powder, she turns into a fairy. If Link leaves the area and returns, she will be back sweeping in front of her house.
  • Grandma Yahoo from Link's Awakening is another elderly woman who seems to enjoy sweeping. Grandma Yahoo character's design may be based on Sweeping Lady from A Link to the Past.



  1. "Oh, Link. The rumors say you kidnapped the Princess, but I still trust you." — Sweeping Lady, A Link to the Past.