Eight Instruments of the Sirens

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Eight Instruments of the Sirens




Awakens the Wind Fish

The Instruments of the Sirens consist of eight different instruments that can be used to awaken the Wind Fish.[1][2] Each instrument is found at the end of a dungeon and guarded by a Nightmare. Once they are all gathered, Link can bring them to Mt. Tamaranch and play the Ballad of the Wind Fish on them, which will open a path inside the Wind Fish's Egg. He plays along on his ocarina. Inside the Egg, Link can fight The Shadow Nightmares and awaken the Wind Fish so he can leave Koholint Island.[3]


Full Moon Cello


The Full Moon Cello is the first of the Eight Instruments of the Sirens Link receives in Link's Awakening. It can be found in Tail Cave, the first dungeon. After defeating the guardian of the Full Moon Cello, Moldorm, Link can enter the next room and receive the instrument.

Conch Horn


Link can obtain the Conch Horn in Bottle Grotto. Upon defeating the Genie, the western door opens, which leads to the second Instrument of the Sirens.

Sea Lily's Bell


After defeating the Slime Eyes in Key Cavern, the northern door of the room opens. In here, Link finds the Sea Lily's Bell.

Surf Harp


The Angler Fish of Angler's Tunnel guards the Surf Harp. Once Link kills the that Nightmare, he can climb up the ladder and back into the main part of the dungeon to find a new door open. The room holds the Surf Harp.

Wind Marimba


Link must kill the Slime Eel in Catfish's Maw in order to obtain the Wind Marimba.

Coral Triangle


Once Link defeats Facade in Face Shrine, he can enter the next room, which houses the Coral Triangle, the sixth instrument.

Organ of Evening Calm


The Organ of Evening Calm can be obtained after beating the Evil Eagle in Eagle's Tower. Once the Nightmare is defeated, Link must climb back down the tower and jump off a ledge to the right, where the door leading into the Organ's room will be opened.

Thunder Drum


The final Instrument is located in Turtle Rock. Like the previous Instruments, Link must first defeat the dungeon's Nightmare, Hot Head, and then enter the newly opened passageway. Here, he can find the Thunder Drum, the last of the Eight Instruments of the Sirens. Link can then head to Mt. Tamaranch to awaken the Wind Fish.



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