Monster Guts

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For other uses, see Monster Guts (Disambiguation).
Monster Guts
Monster Guts - ALBW icon.png



Occasionally dropped by monsters when killed (A Link Between Worlds)
Volcano, Street Merchant (Tri Force Heroes)


250 rupees (Tri Force Heroes)


Make Purple Potions (A Link Between Worlds)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Foie de monstre
Spain Español Entrañas de monstruo
Germany Deutsch Monsterherz
Italy Italiana Cuore di mostro

Monster Guts are materials from A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes.

A Link Between Worlds

Monster Guts are commonly dropped by enemies, and can be found in tall grass, skulls and pots throughout Hyrule, Lorule and their dungeons. If Link brings 10 Monster Guts to the Hyrulean Witch in her house, she can create a Purple Potion, as long as he pays the required 60 Rupees. He can also sell Monster Guts to the Witch individually for 3 Rupees a piece.

Tri Force Heroes

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"Reasonably rich in iron. Madame likes them a lot."

— In-game description (EU)
Monster Guts - TFH icon.png

Monster Guts are a material in Tri Force Heroes, found primarily in the Volcano.

Odds of receiving Monster Guts by level completion: