Witch's House

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This article is about the location in A Link Between Worlds. For witch's home in other games, see Witch's Hut.

The Witch's House is a location in A Link Between Worlds. It is the house of Irene and the Witch. It is found exactly where the Magic Shop is in A Link to the Past: north of the Eastern Palace and south of Zora's Domain. A Weather Vane is situated outside of the building, allowing Link to warp here with Irene's broom at any time after he has activated it.

The Witch's House acts as the Potion Shop of A Link Between Worlds. It is here Link can buy a Red Potion, Blue Potion, Yellow Potion, or Purple Potion. However, while the Red Potion can be bought with Rupees alone, the blue, yellow, and purple potions require ten of either Monster Tails, Monster Horns, or Monster Guts, respectively. The Witch explains that she has been having trouble getting the proper ingredients as of late, so Link must collect them for her if he wants her to make them.[1]

Link can also sell his ingredients here for Rupees.[2] Monster Tails sell for 10 Rupees each, Monster Horns are 5 Rupees each, and Monster Guts are 3 Rupees each. If Link tells her that he just wants to say hello when he visits, she offers him a sample of her current potion, which restores all of his hearts.[3]

Items for Sale

Item Name Cost (Rupees) Additional Requirements
File:Red Potion - ALBW icon.png
Red Potion 50 None
File:Blue Potion - ALBW icon.png
Blue Potion 200 10 Monster Tails
File:Yellow Potion - ALBW icon.png
Yellow Potion 100 10 Monster Horns
File:Purple Potion - ALBW icon.png
Purple Potion 60 10 Monster Guts


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