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Horse God





Revival of Horses




"So... you would like to revive this horse? This one, specifically? I can do that, of course! But... what is this... This horse says that YOU killed it! You! How could you?! Do you plan to revive it just to kill it again? Are horses only a tool to you? Do you treat their noble lives so casually that you'd use them and throw them away? If I were a horse right now... I'd kick you in the chest! I... jest. You accidentally struck the horse, I'm sure. Would you like to revive this loyal, temporarily betrayed friend?"

— Malanya

Malanya is the god who watches over the horses of the world. He makes his home in the Faron Region in the Malanya Spring, near the Lake of the Horse God, though he has been trapped in a Great Fairy Fountain-like flower bud for an unspecified length of time, and requires 1,000 Rupees to regain his power.

Once Malanya's power is restored, at any time Link can go to them to have a horse who was registered to Link when it died revived. Malanya cannot revive a horse if that would give Link more than five registered horses, although they will offer to release one of his current horses to bring him below that limit.

Restoring Malanya does not bear any influence on armor upgrading like the rest of the Great Fairies do, nor the price required to revive it is influenced by the other Great Fairies. Malanya is not particularly close to any Shrine of Trials or Sheikah Tower (the closer being Ka'o Makagh Shrine), but it's considerably easier to reach than the Great Fairy Tera, as there are no environmental impediments to reaching it.

Should The Champions' Ballad DLC has been acquired, a chest containing the Ancient Saddle will be hidden in a point left and behind Malanya's fountain, close to the rocky walls.

As Malanya is not quite a Great Fairy, unlike those, there's no Silent Princess flowers close to the fountain.