Ending of Ocarina of Time

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The ending of Ocarina of Time has multiple outcomes and serves a pivotal moment in the Timeline.

Multiple Outcomes

Decline Timeline

Link falls
Main article: Defeat Ending
Main article: Decline Timeline

Despite Link's best efforts, when he challenges Ganondorf, he falls in battle, allowing Ganondorf to come into possession of the Triforce of Courage, along with the Triforce of Wisdom that was within Princess Zelda. He transforms himself into the Demon King but, with a last-ditch effort, Princess Zelda and the Six Sages seal Ganon and the Triforce within the Sacred Realm. This eventually leads to the backstory and events of A Link to the Past.

Child Timeline

Link becomes a child again
Main article: Child Ending
Main article: Child Timeline

After Link defeats Ganondorf, Princess Zelda plays the Ocarina of Time to send Link back so that he can relive his childhood. Link takes the knowledge he learned to a young Princess Zelda, warning her of Ganondorf's ultimate plan.

Some time later, when Link ventures off on the journey outlined in Majora's Mask "in search of a beloved and invaluable friend", Zelda gives Link the Ocarina of Time.

Years later, Princess Zelda and the Royal Family sentenced Ganondorf to execution, leading to the events of Twilight Princess.

Adult Timeline

A world at peace... without a Hero.
Main article: Adult Ending
Main article: Adult Timeline

After Link defeats Ganondorf, Princess Zelda sends Link back to relive his childhood. However, in this Adult ending, there no longer exists a Hero, and eventually when Ganondorf escapes from his seal, there is no hero to stop them. The King of Hyrule then entrusts the fate of the kingdom to the Gods, who flood the world, sinking the land of Hyrule and Ganondorf at the bottom of the ocean. This leads to the events of The Wind Waker.

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