Defeat Ending

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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Defeat Ending
Link Defeat By Ganondorf - OOT64.png
Link falls at Ganondorf's hands




End of Ocarina of Time

Key Characters


The Defeat Ending is one of three endings of Ocarina of Time, which follows into the Decline Timeline.

In this branch, when Link challenged Ganondorf, he lost. Obtaining the complete Triforce as a result; Ganondorf becomes the Demon King, Ganon, and enters the Sacred Realm, transforming it into the Dark World. However, Zelda and the Sages weave a final spell and successfully trap him in the Dark World. The spell of what would become known as the Seven Wise Men is too strong for him to break and take control of the Light World as well. This initiates the events of A Link to the Past.