Moon Pearl

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Moon Pearl
Artwork from A Link to the Past



A Link to the Past
Tower of Hera

Four Swords Adventures
Various – First at Village of the Blue Maiden


A Link to the Past
Prevents Link from turning into a rabbit when he enters the Dark World.

Four Swords Adventures
Opens a Moon Gate

The Moon Pearl is an item from A Link to the Past and Four Swords Adventures.


A Link to the Past

"The Mysterious Moon Pearl
Legends told of a magic Moon Pearl that let people retain their human forms in the Dark World. There were many tales about the location of the pearl, and one of the most persistently retold was that it lay in a chest somewhere in the Tower of Hera. Sahasrahla sent Link a telepathic message urging him to find the famous pearl.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

"Moon Pearl
Link will experience the effects of the Dark World when he first enters that realm. The Dark World has the power to turn anyone into what their true heart reflects. Link turns into a pink bunny when he first enters the Dark World. The Moon Pearl must be in Link's possession to neutralize the effect. The Big Chest in the Tower of Hera holds the much-sought-after Moon Pearl.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

Found in the Tower of Hera, the Moon Pearl won't let the evil of the Dark World change Link into a rabbit when he enters it.[1] Without this, Link can't get anywhere much at all in the Dark World.

If Link does enter the Dark World without it, he will have no choice but to warp back to the Light World and grab it in the Tower of Hera.

Four Swords Adventures

Moon Pearl FSA Sprite.png

The Moon Pearl serves a different purpose in Four Swords Adventures. Instead of preventing the Dark World's effects, it causes a Moon Gate to appear in certain locations, which allows the Links go enter the alternate world.

The first Moon Pearl is obtained in the Village of the Blue Maiden. The old man at the entrance to the village describes the tragedy that befell their village and how they desperately need someone who can sense Moon Gates to help them.[2] Kaepora Gaebora explains that due to the Four Sword, Link can see into the Dark World, and as a result he sees many shadows of people trapped within the alternate dimension.[3] Whenever he reaches a potential Moon Gate, he feels a strange sensation.[4] When he returns to the old man and tells him this, the man gives him a Moon Pearl in hopes that Link can save their village.[5] After, Moon Pearls and Moon Gates appear in several stages and are used many times to enter the Dark World.


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