Link's Awakening Trading Sequence
The Link's Awakening Trading Sequence involves 14 items that span the entire overworld of the game. After going through all 14 items, you will obtain the Magnifying Lens. The Magnifying Lens is a required item in order to read the book in the library that gives the correct path through the Wind Fish's Egg. Technically you can get through the Wind Fish's egg without the Magnifying Lens by guessing the path or if you know one of the seven set paths already. However, this Magnifying Lens also allows you to get one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the Boomerang. For full context as to when you can collect these items, be sure to check out our Link's Awakening Walkthrough.
Yoshi Doll Ribbon Dog Food Bananas Stick Honeycomb Pineapple Hibiscus Letter Broom Fishing Hook Necklace Scale Magnifying Lens Boomerang

Trading Sequence
Yoshi Doll
Yoshi Doll  Yoshi Doll  Yoshi Doll
Yoshi Doll - The Yoshi Doll is one of the easiest items to get. It's in the trendy game in the southeast area of Mabe Village. It's the easiest thing to pick up in the trendy game simply because it's not moving. It's right in the middle of the conveyor belt square. Move the crane over to the right until it's facing Yoshi from the north. Then move it down until it's above Yoshi. Pick it up and wait for the crane to bring it to you.

You got a Yoshi Doll! Recently, he seems to be showing up in many games!
Yoshi Doll Map

Ribbon  Ribbon  Ribbon
Ribbon - You don't have to leave the village to get this one. Head to the north end of the village and find the house with that has a man, woman, and child. Go in and talk to the woman, who will ask for the Yoshi Doll for her baby. Say yes, and she'll give you a Ribbon in exchange for the Yoshi Doll.

You traded your Yoshi Doll for the Ribbon! Maybe you can trade the ribbon for something else!
Ribbon Map

Dog Food
Dog Food  Dog Food  Dog Food
Dog Food - Once again, this trade is in Mabe village. It's probably the easiest house to recognize in the whole game because a chain chomp known as BowWow is right outside for most of Link's quest. Enter the smaller house on the right and you'll meet a smaller chain chomp. Talk to her and you can trade your Ribbon for some Dog Food.

You exchanged the Ribbon for Dog Food! It's full of juicy beef!
Dog Food Map

Bananas  Bananas   Bananas
Bananas - Go to Toronbo Shores, which is the coastline at the southwest portion of the map. There is one house in the area and it is one screen north of the actual coast. A crocodile named Sale who loves bananas can be found here and he will go insane when he sees your Dog Food. Give it to him and he'll eat it whole and give you Bananas in return.

You gave him Dog Food and got Bananas in return! Good deal!
Bananas Map

Stick  Stick  Stick
Stick - As part of the main quest, find the Monkey that is southeast of Kanalet Castle. Give him the Bananas and he'll call all of his monkey friends, and they'll build a bridge. Upon completion of the bridge, a stick is left for Link in the middle of the bridge. You can't use it as a weapon like in the Nintendo 64 Zelda games, but it's crucial in the trading process.

You found a Stick a monkey left behind... You take it!
Stick Map

Honeycomb  Honeycomb  Honeycomb
Honeycomb - Go to Ukuku Prairie, which is the area east of Mabe Village. After you beat Key Cavern, which is the third dungeon, you will find Tarin standing by a tree. He'll ask to borrow your Stick. Give it to him and the moron will whack at a bee hive that is in the tree. The bees will get angry and chase him off the screen, and whatever's left of their hive falls to the ground. Walk over and pick up the Honeycomb.

The Stick became the Honeycomb! You're not sure how it happened, but take it!
Honeycomb Map

Pineapple  Pineapple  Pineapple
Pineapple - Go to Animal Village and enter the pink-roofed building at the southeast screen of the village. Talk to Chef Bear and you'll find out that he needs an extra ingredient for his food. Give him the Honeycomb and he'll give you a Pineapple in exchange.

You exchanged the Honeycomb for a Pineapple! It's not as sweet, but it is delicious!
Pineapple Map

Hibiscus  Hibiscus  Hibiscus
Hibiscus - While exploring Tal Tal Heights, you'll bump into Papahl, the man from Mabe village who told you he was going to get lost later in the game and you should save him. You'll find him on a cliff above the Angler's Tunnel dungeon. He's so hungry he can't move. Give him your Pineapple and he'll give you a Hibiscus.

You traded the Pineapple for a Hibiscus!
Hibiscus Map

Letter  Letter  Letter
Letter - Head back to Animal Village and enter one of the purple-roofed buildings in the northeast screen of the village. A goat woman is here and normally she'd say it's rude to talk to a goat if you don't have a Hibiscus, but since you do, she'll ask you to take a letter to Mr. Write for her. She gives you the Letter and a picture of herself in it in exchange for your Hibiscus.

You traded the Hibiscus for a goat's Letter! ...Great!?
Letter Map

Broom  Broom  Broom
Broom - Go back to Mr. Write's House, which is located just north of the Mysterious Forest, which are north of Mabe Village. Deliver the Letter and the picture and in return he'll give you a Broom. You can't even say no to the exchange, since he'll insist on giving you the Broom.

You got a Broom as your reward from Mr. Write! But that photo was not of...
Broom Map

Fishing Hook
Fishing Hook  Fishing Hook  Fishing Hook
Fishing Hook - The next location we go to actually could vary. The old lady could be in Mabe Village or Animal Village depending on how far you are in the game. Head back to Animal Village, only this time, go to the northeast section of the Village. In the house right next to the goat lady, you should find an old lady there. Talk to her and she'll give you a Fishing Hook for your troubles. If the old lady is still in Mabe village, she can be found in a building one screen south of where BowWow is.

You exchanged the Broom for a Fishing Hook! What will the Fishing Hook become?
Fishing Hook Map

Necklace  Necklace  Necklace
Necklace - Find the fisherman under one of the bridges in Martha's Bay. Swim over to the bridge and press 'B' to dive underneath. Give the fisherman the new Fishing Hook and he'll tell you that you can have whatever his next catch is. His next catch turns out to be a Pearl Necklace, and it's all yours.

The Fishing Hook became a Necklace! L-l-lucky!
Necklace Map

Scale  Scale  Scale
Scale - Find the mermaid in the water by the Catfish's Maw level. Swim over to her and give her the Pearl Necklace. In return she'll let you rip a Scale off of her tail.

You returned the Necklace and got a Scale of the mermaid's tail. How will you use this?
Scale Map

Magnifying Lens
Magnifying Lens  Magnifying Lens  Magnifying Lens
Magnifying Lens - Go to where you gave the fisherman the Fishing Hook, and go down one screen. Use the Hook Shot that you found in Catfish's Maw on the stone on the other side to propel yourself over the water. Go to the statue and put in the Scale and watch as it opens. Go down the stairs, head up one room, and walk up the stairs to collect the Magnifying Lens!

You've got the Magnifying Lens! This will reveal many things you couldn't see before!
Magnifying Lens Map

Boomerang  Boomerang  Boomerang
Boomerang - Go to the Toronbo Shores at the southwest portion of the map. A cracked wall can be seen along the shoreline. Place a Bomb to blow up an entrance to the cave. Enter and speak with the person inside. You have to trade the item on your B button to get it. Trade the Shovel as it is not a vital item in your quest. Don't worry, you can always get it back. Finally, after running back and forth across Koholint, you have obtained the Boomerang. Unlike other Zelda games, the Boomerang can knock out most enemies rather than just stunning them for a short period of time. Have fun!
Boomerang Map