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LA19 Mermaid.png
The mermaid in the Nintendo Switch remake







The mermaid is a character from Link's Awakening. She resides in Martha's Bay, tending to stay in the northwest corner. She is part of the game's Trading Sequence.


When Link first meets the mermaid, she explains that she has lost her necklace and wants to have it back.[1] She also promises to give Link one of her scales if he finds it.

The Fisherman will fish up the necklace once Link returns his Fishing Hook to him.[2] Link can then bring it back to mermaid, who allows him to dive and take one of her scales.[3][4] She warns him to take only one.[5] The scale can be used to open the Mermaid Statue created by Schule Donavitch in her image.[6] She claims that when she posed for him, Schule wanted a scale as well.[7] After Link replaces her scale in the statue, the mermaid will jump up out of the water onto a large rock in the bay whenever he comes near.


  • In the Japanese version of Link's Awakening (Game Boy), the mermaid lost her swimsuit top instead of her necklace. This is why she only leaves the water after her necklace is returned to her. This is also the reason that she says that she has already looked around the area and then flees if Link dives under the water near her.[8]



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