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Date Chapter Title Notes
August 6, 1995 BS The Legend of Zelda: Episode 1 Original release
August 13, 1995 BS The Legend of Zelda: Episode 2 Original release
August 20, 1995 BS The Legend of Zelda: Episode 3 Original release
August 27, 1995 BS The Legend of Zelda: Episode 4 Original release
Prizes: Collecting 8 pieces of Triforce wins a player a "secret membership card" for admission to the locked Nichibutsu Casino game available October 1, 1995.
50 top scoring players selected by lottery win an 8M Memory Pack.


Dates Chapter Title Notes
December 30, 1995 - December 31, 1995 BS The Legend of Zelda: Map 2 - Episode 1 Original release
January 1, 1996 - January 2, 1996 BS The Legend of Zelda: Map 2 - Episode 2 Original release
January 3, 1996 - January 4, 1996 BS The Legend of Zelda: Map 2 - Episode 3 Original release
January 5, 1996 - January 6, 1996 BS The Legend of Zelda: Map 2 - Episode 4 Original release

Link's Awakening DX Staff

This article is about the 1998 Game Boy Color game. For the 1993 Game Boy game, see Link's Awakening (Game Boy). For the 2019 Switch game, see Link's Awakening.
Link's Awakening DX
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United States December 1, 1998
Japan December 12, 1998
Europe January 1, 1999

United States June 7, 2011
Japan June 8, 2011
Europe June 8, 2011
Australia June 8, 2011
South Korea March 1, 2016

🌎 February 8, 2023






Yoshinori Tsuchiyama






The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is an enhanced Game Boy Color port of the Game Boy game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Link is caught in a storm at sea and becomes shipwrecked. Awaking on the mysterious island of Koholint, he discovers the only way to leave the island is to wake the Wind Fish, a creature which sleeps endlessly until the Eight Instruments of the Sirens are played in front of the egg in which it sleeps.

The game is updated with colored graphics, although the gameplay and story remain mostly the same. A few features were added, however, including a new dungeon that takes advantage of the color and a Photographer that takes pictures throughout Link's adventure.

This version of the game was rereleased on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2011, and as part of the Nintendo Switch subscription service Switch Online in 2023.


Main article: Link's Awakening Story
Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

After a shipwreck, Link finds himself lying on the beach of Koholint island, a strange land which lies in the shadow of a great egg which lies in the island mountain range known as Tal Tal Heights. A local of the island's village, named Marin, discovers link and takes him to her house. When he awakes, another local man, named Tarin, gives Link his shield back. Using this, Link returns to the beach and recovers his sword. It is here he comes into contact an owl (who greatly resembles Kaepora Gaebora from Ocarina of time, the game following Link's Awakening) who shall act as his guide on the Island. With sword in hand, Link makes his way to the mysterious forest to find the Tail Key.

After dealing with a shape-shifted Tarin, Link gains access to Tail Cave. After defeating the creatures inside Tail Cave, including a giant Moldorm, Link receives his first instrument- the 'Full Moon Cello'. With the complete set of instruments, Link would be able to wake the Wind Fish and leave the Island. Kaepora Gaebora tells Link the location of each instrument as he needs to.

As Link gathers more and more of the Instruments, he begins to understand the nature of the island. At a shrine in the southeast of the island, he discovers a tablets that says the island is but an illusion 'on the sleeper's eye' and when the Wind Fish wakes, everything will disappear, including Marin who Link has taken an obvious shine to. Unsure if the writings were true, Link presses on with his quest.

With all 8 instruments, Link travels to Tal Tal Heights to wake the Wind Fish. Playing the song taught to him by Marin, the egg cracks open, revealing a maze like structure inside. Using a path which he found at the library in Mabe Village, Link reaches the Nightmare's lair. In truth, these nightmares have forced the Wind Fish to sleep forever, as they have complete control over the land. A battle ensues, with the shadowy entity changing forms many times. A number of these resemble enemies from previous Zelda games, such as Agahnim and Ganon. the fight culminates with the shape of dethl- a two-armed, one eyed monster. With this final form defeated, a staircase appears, leading Link to the wind Fish.

The Wind Fish resembles a giant whale with a pair of small wings on his back. The Wind Fish awakens, along with Link who was also asleep. The island of Koholint fades from the horizon and the picture returns to Link, drifting along on a piece of driftwood.

Differences from Link's Awakening

Color Dungeon

Main article: Color Dungeon

A new dungeon, including several enemies, puzzles, bosses, and two rewards, were added to take advantage of the new colored graphics. Many of the puzzles require identifying colors in order to progress. At the end of the dungeon, Link meets the Fairy Queen, who offers him the "power of color": a Red Mail for increased offense or a Blue Mail for increased defense.


Main article: Link's Awakening Photographs

The DX version adds a Photographer who can take Link's picture at various points throughout the story. These photographs are then stored in a Photo Album in the Camera Shop.

Owl Statues

Main article: Owl Statue

In the original game, Stone Slabs could be found all over Koholint Island that had to be completed with a Stone Slab Fragment. However, in the DX port, these slabs were replaced with Owl Statues and Stone Beaks.

Spirit of the Mansion

Main article: Spirit of the Mansion

When Link visits the Seashell Mansion, a voice will speak to him in the DX version to give him a hint about the purpose of the building. This voice was not present in the original game.

Marin Ending

In the original Link's Awakening, if the player successfully completes the game without any deaths, Marin flies across the screen with wings. However, in Link's Awakening DX, a picture of Marin's face is shown in the sky. It slowly fades away, revealing a seagull.


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Game Intro

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This is a list of the staff who developed The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.

Supervisor Takashi Tezuka
Producer Shigeru Miyamoto
Director Yoshinori Tsuchiyama
Script Writer Nobuo Matsumiya
Programmer Eiji Noto
Kiyoshi Koda
Sigehiro Kasamatu
Character Designer Mikio Mishima
Kyoko Kimura
Sound Composer Yuichi Ozaki
Art Work Keiko Izawa
Technical Support N. Koganezawa
English Script Jim Wornell
Keiko Tamura
Tamayo Ito
Special Thanks Akiya Sakamoto
R & 2 Debug Staff
Debug Staff Super Mario Club