Takashi Tezuka

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Takashi Tezuka
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Takashi Tezuka at an edition of Iwata Asks

Takashi Tezuka

Video Game Designer at Nintendo


He is one of Nintendo's most prominent video game deisgners alongside Shigeru Miyamoto. He was originally introduced to the business by a friend, He admits he had not even heard of Pac-Man prior to getting the job. But despite this he has still been involved in Nintendo's biggest titles, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros. etc. He has worked on every Zelda title and even got to lead the direction of A Link to the Past which is considered the best of it's series like Super Mario World, He also served as a director for Link's Awakening. Full contributions can be found below.

He no longer directs games but is a general manager of 5 EAD studios alongside with Shigeru Miyamoto. His recent work includes all of the Zelda titles, The pikmin games and the New Super Mario Bros. He is also closely linked to the Animal Crossing and Yoshi series.

Major Zelda titles involved in