Molida Island

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This article is about the island in the Southeastern Sea in Phantom Hourglass. For the location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, see Molida Island (Breath of the Wild).

Molida Island is a location from Phantom Hourglass. Link first visits this island as a respite during his pursuit of the Ghost Ship, and later in search of the Spirit of Courage, which is held in the Temple of Courage. The inhabitants live in fear of their family being abducted by the Ghost Ship.[1]


Molida Island is located in the western half of the Southwestern Sea. Its port is located in a bay on the west side of the island.


Molida Island is a mid-sized island with a rising topography towards the north. The south of the island features a small village, while the north is mostly overgrown and filled with monsters. Some smaller islets can be found on the northwestern and southeastern edges of the island. The two halves are connected by the Wayfarer's Hideaway, but access is blocked by the Sun Door.


The port of Molida Island is located in a bay on the west side of the island. Chaco is usually seen running around the general area. This is also where the first part of the Wayfarer's Words is located.

Molida Village

The south of the island consists of the second largest human settlement in the World of the Ocean King. A stone path leads from the port past Ocara's house, a Gossip Stone, which hints at the location of Spirit Island,[2] Potato's house, the island's Postbox, and a shop, before culmunating in the garden of Maronie's house. By solving the puzzle of the Wayfarer's Words, Link can find the second entrance of the Wayfarer's Hideaway just south of a palm tree next to the path.

Ocara's House

Ocara's house is located just east of the island's port. Ocara herself can be seen patrolling the area between it and Potato's house. The inside features a table and several things typical of a fisher's home. A basket containing fish, a rope with fish hanging from it, and a stand for several spears.

Potato's House

Potato's house is found south of the stone path. Potato is usually seen standing next to the stone tablet containting the second part of the Wayfarer's Words, which stands directly east of her house. Inside it are a few baskets with fish, a small fireplace, several spears, and a Treasure Chest containing a Treasure.

Molida Village Shop

The shop is operated by Mai, one of the Shop Mistresses. It sells various things, including Arrows and a Quiver.

Maronie's House

Located at the eastern end of the village, this house is home to Maronie and her son, Romanos. It features a small garden outside of it that usually tended to by Maronie. Link can dig up a Big Green Rupee in front of the palm tree standing near the house. Romanos can be found on the inside, where he laments his father's choices.[3] After Link finishes the Temple of Courage, Romanos will have remodeled the back wall of the house into a Shooting Range, where Link may play a mini-game for various prizes, so Romanos can gather some money to follow his father's footsteps.[4][5]

Wayfarer's Hideaway

The Wayfarer's Hideaway is an interconnected set of caves in the middle of Molida Island. It is the hideaway the Old Wayfarer used to plan his travels in search of his "own way".[3] It is filled with monsters. The cave system has two main entrances, the primary entrance located north of Maronie's garden, and the secondary entrance, hidden in a hole underground, which can be found by connecting the locations of the stone tablets holding the Wayfarer's Words.[6][7] The main entrance leads along an underground lake. A small plateau to the southeast of the lake holds a Treasure Chest containing a Power Gem, which can be reached using the Grappling Hook. The large area on the east of the lake also holds a digging spot, which yields a Big Green Rupee. Along the northwestern wall of the lake shore, a cracked wall, as well as an exit leading to the central area of Molida Island can be found. The cracked wall leads to a small, furnished room, which acted as the Old Wayfarer's primary hideaway.[7] One of his journals and a Treasure Chest containing the Shovel can be found here. Said Shovel can be used to dig up a Big Green Rupee inside this room. The secondary entrance leads directly to the Old Wayfarer's true hideaway.[8] It contains another of the Old Wayfarer's journals, a treasure chest containing a Treasure Map, as well as a map showing the correct path through the fog in the Northwestern Sea. Following the path out of the true hideaway leads past a door emblazoned with a sun. Opening this door using the Sun Key grants access to the northern half of the island, where the Temple of Courage is located. The path to this exit also leads past another plateau with a treasure chest atop it. This plateau can be reached via a digging spot just outside this exit. The treasure chest contains a Wisdom Gem.

Center Area

The center of Molida Island is reached via the back exit of the Wayfarer's Hideaway. It is located between two higher plateaus to the north and south of it. A Treasure Chest containing a Treasure can be found west of the exit. Two stone tablets are located here, containing the third and fourth parts of the Wayfarer's Words. East of the fourth part are a few small islets. These can be reached by destroying the barrel on the first islet, which contains a Cucco. Link can pull the Cucco towards himself using the Grappling Hook. The Cucco can then be used to hop along these islets. The second islet features a digging spot, which holds a Treasure Map.

Northern Area

The north of the island is a large, uninhabited field of trees. A gossip stone hinting at the location of a Treasure Map near Oshus's Storehouse is located along the west edge of the path.[9] A set of three stone statues are found in this area, which, if activated and pointed in the right direction, will open the door to the Temple of Courage, located in the far north of the main island. A small islet northwest of the temple can be reached using the Grappling Hook to connect two wooden pegs. The treasure chest on this islet contains a Courage Gem.

Temple of Courage

Main article: Temple of Courage

The Temple of Courage is located in the far north of the island. Link must activate three stone statues and point them towards the temple's door to gain access.


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