Southwestern Sea

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The Southwestern Sea is the first quadrant of the World of the Ocean King that Link finds himself within in Phantom Hourglass. It is mainly inhabited by Humans.


Mercay Island

Main article: Mercay Island

The first island of the game. It features a large settlement near its port, as well as the Temple of the Ocean King.

Isle of Ember

Main article: Isle of Ember

A volcanic island. Home to Astrid, the fortune teller. The Temple of Fire, the first full dungeon of the game, can be found here.

Cannon Island

Main article: Cannon Island

The home of Eddo and Fuzo. Eddo provides Link with enhancements to the SS Linebeck throughout his journey.

Molida Island

Main article: Molida Island

An island with a small settlement in the south, where Romanos and his mother reside. The north of the island also houses the Temple of Courage.

Spirit Island

Main article: Spirit Island

A small set of islets, which are not originally charted on the Southwestern Sea Chart. Link is able to enhance the abilities of the spirits that guide him in the Shrine found here.

Traveler's Ship

Main article: Nyave

This traveler's ship belongs to Nyave, a guard, who rewards Link with random Treasure if saved from the monsters invading his ship.