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-possible name change. GameInformer still refers to them as Bokoblin, while game text in the Upgrade Trailer adds an extra o.

- Bokoblins have a much different visual look this time around, taking on a more moblin-like appearance. Some of the orange moblins have a small cap on top of their head, but it does not seem to have an effect on how they battle.

- They wield small swords and will use them to block Link's attacks. They will move the sword from left to right, or hold it up, blocking directional attacks from Link's blade. Three successful hits from the sword will defeat a Bokoblin.

- Bokoblins are commonly found in both field and fire areas of the game. When they detect Link's presence, they will sprint towards him and strike at him with their sword.

Bokobolin (Green)

- Green Bokoblin wield large hammers rather than the swords of their red counterparts. Some bokoblin can be found walking along tightropes. To defeat these foes, use the motion plus features to keep balance and cause the Bokoblin to fall. The green Bokoblin will most likely be encountered on the ground as well, where his hammer may be more of a threat and Link will have to use different techniques to make quick work of this enemy.

Deku Baba

- Deku Babas greatly resemble their appearance from previous Zelda titles. They come out from underground and try to bite Link if he gets too close. A new feature is that when battling the Deku Babas, Link must slash in the direction that the enemy's mouth is open. Some Deku Babas need to be sliced vertically while others need to be sliced horizontally. Alternatively, Link can toss or roll a bomb towards a Deku Baba and it will gobble it up before exploding within its mouth.

- Some Deku Babas can be seen hanging from walls or the ceiling and they are out of reach from Link's sword. In order to defeat these fellows, Link must use the beedle. After sending out the beedle, Link can track its direction so that it cuts down the deku babas from their stems, causing them to fall to the floor in defeat. Link can also use his bow and arrow to cut these deku babas from their stem.


- The Golden Deku Baba is a stronger variation of the standard Deku Baba. It will attack Link in the same ways as a standard deku baba by lunging towards Link, attempting to bite him. Its mouth is divided into four parts, rather than the two halves that a standard deku baba will have. This will allow the golden baba to alternate directions in which its mouth opens, meaning Link will have to slash either horizontally or vertically, depending on how its mouth is open. Additionally, unlike standard deku babas, the golden babas take multiple hits to defeat and can be quite challenging.

Electric Rollobite

-one of these can be seen out of its shell in the 4-minute gameplay trailer. this guy is seen in a dessert like region, and is electrical. it is possibally mechanical and might be a mini boss by the looks of it

Fire Toadpoli

- Fire Toadpolis can be found swimming in pools of lava. They will hop up from the lava to spit out a fireball towards Link. These fireballs can be deflected using your shield to bounce them back. Link can also use his sword to hit the fireballs, causing them to dissipate. Since toadpolis are found in lava, Link cannot use his sword to defeat them. Instead he will have to rely on projectile weapons such as the bow and arrow


this slime must be hit with either a sword, bow and arrow or bombs. if 2 of these connect, they make a zol/ chu chu


- Gleeok is a dragon-like enemy with three heads. In previous Zelda titles, Link had to eliminate each head, one at a time. However, this time around in order to defeat Gleeok, Link must use a single sword slash to attack all three heads in a row. If link only hits one or two of the gleeok heads, then the chopped off heads will quickly grow back, restoring gleeok to full life.

- Each of gleeok's eyes are a greenish-blue color. However, when Link comes near, the eyes of gleeok will turn red and it will dash forward trying to attack Link. This can easily be avoided by just taking a step back or utilizing your shield.


- Keese serve the same purpose that they have in previous Zelda titles. They are bat-like creatures that fly around the overworld and within dungeons with the primary purpose of trying to dive into Link. When they are low enough to the surface, Link can use a sword slash to defeat them. Alternatively, they can be defeated with almost any weapon that Link has in his arsenal. Furthermore, Link can defeat multiple keese at once with a single crack of the whip.


- Lizalfos resemble lizards with human-like attributes. They wield wooden shields, which they can use to block Link's attacks. They can simply block Link's direct attacks or roll up under their shield for even greater protection from Link's blade. They appear to have no weapon other than their clubbed tails to damage Link.

Mechanical Totem Pole

-should be a more Beamos-ish name.

- Mechanical Totem Poles appear to be similar to Beamos, but are multilayered, and are made up of different electrified parts. The head of the totem pole turns in a mechanical way, as opposed to a fluent turning motion. These enemies can be defeated by slicing apart different sections of their body. They appear to attack Link by attempting to physically harm him. It is likely that they will attempt to hurt Link using their electric shock.


- Mechat are flying creatures who have large eyes in the center of their bodies. They have two large shells on each side of its eye, presumably making them invulnerable by horizontal sword slashes. The propeller on the top of its body make it appear to be a part of the Peahat and Seahat family, and it appears slightly larger than the blue mechat. Their eye appears to be the weak point, but is likely also its way of attacking Link.

Mechat Blue

-inconsistent with Bokoblin/Bokoblin (Green) and Deku Baba/Deku Baba (Golden)

- Blue Mechats are flying spheres with small propellers on the top of their bodies. The propeller on the top of its body make it appear to be a part of the Peahat and Seahat family, although it appears slightly smaller than the standard mechat. These blue variants come in both vertical and horizontal forms. They can be defeated with either a horizontal or vertical sword slash, depending on which direction they are split into. Once slash will split them in two different pieces, defeating them in the process.


- Octoroks are now land creatures and they seem to resemble their counterparts from older 2D Zelda titles. They also have some similarities to deku scrubs from previous Zelda games. Octoroks will shoot rocks towards Link, but whenever Link comes close, they will hide under patches of grass. In order to defeat an octorok, Link can deflect the rocks back by lunging his shield forward knocking the rock back towards the enemy. Link can also use the whip to pull the octorok up from underground for a short period of time, allowing him to slash away with his sword.


- Pyrups are tiny seal-like creatures that hide inside walls or beneath rocks. They have a single antenna hanging from its head, the function of which is currently unknown. They attack by spraying a line of fire towards Link, and can also obstruct Link's path in this manner. They can be defeated by throwing a bomb into the hole in the wall they hide in or the rock they hide beneath, killing the enemy in the process. -description could use some editing. re-order on page


- Skulltula appear very much like their Twilight Princess predecessors. They are spider-like creatures with eight legs whos main attack is to dash its body towards Link. Skulltulas will appear in several different ways. Some just drop down the ceiling, others are hanging from a string, while some have full blown spider webs created to block your path. Link can knock down skulltulas by breaking the string or spider web utilizing the beetle.

- Once a skulltula is on the ground, use your sword techniques to harm it. Once you've sliced it with a sword attack the skulltula will stand on its back legs, revealing its weak spot. Slash at the large purple jewel on its stomach to defeat the skulltula. In some cases, after hitting the skulltula a number of times, it will flip over and land on its back. At this point Link can jump and deliver a finishing blow, stabbing right through its weak point.

Sky Octo

-Sky octos are another form of octorok found upon the small floating rocks far in the sky around Skyloft. The sky octos appear similar to the ground variety except with a decorated two tiered mantle. They only have two leaves in a single stalk on the tops of their heads possibly to be used as a form of flight. They appear to be capable of moving around on all sides of the floating boulder without fear of falling off.

Spear Moblin

-can climb over shield to attack from behind

- A Spear Moblin is a giant purple monster that holds a spear and a large wooden shield. The moblin uses the shield to block Link's attacks, although it isn't very sturdy. Link can slice the shield into pieces, leaving the Spear Moblin vulnerable to sword attacks. The moblin's primary attack is using its spear to wind back and deliver a thrusting blow at Link. Link can quickly dodge the attack and deliver a counter sword slash during the recoil period.


- Stalfos are skeleton-like enemies that wield two large swords which they use both to block and to attack. Link must attack from specific directions that are unprotected, requiring good timing and accurate sword slashes.

- Stalfos has three main attacks. It will quickly swing one sword horizontally, perform a cross-chop with both swords, or raise both swords above its head in preparation for a powerful two-part attack. The Stalfos is defenseless while its swords are above its head, so this is your chance to run around behind it and slash away.

Stalfos Warrior

- Stalfos Warriors look almost exactly like regular Stalfos except with some minor visual changes. They now have a small cap on their head with a plume hanging down from it, much like their appearance in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

- The first phase of a battle with a Stalfos Warrior is identical to the battle with an ordinary Stalfos. They have two arms wielding large swords that will block Link's attacks. Link must aim in specific directions with sword. After a number of hits, two more arms will emerge from the stalfos, with one holding another sword, and the other a massive axe. The three swords will now block three directions, forcing Link's attacks to be more precise in order to harm the stalfos. The stalfos will use the axe, as well as the three swords to attack Link. Link's shield can be used to block some of its attacks and even knock off its arms.


-Walltulas are small spiders that can found crawling on vines. Their backs have a skull-like image which puts them in the skulltula family. Since they are found on walls and vines, they cannot be defeated using the sword. Instead, Link must use a projectile weapon such as the Slingshot or Bow and Arrow.


- This unofficially named enemy will block Link's path in the game by functioning as a barrier. The Watchdoor's one weak point is it's eye which closes before it can be struck. The eye watches Link's sword, turning red as it gazes at its tip. In order to defeat it, Link must confuse it by rotating his sword to make it dizzy, at which point it's eye will become completely red, allowing Link to slash it.


-are these the slime creatures GI was talking about?

- Zols appear in a red gelatinous form in Skyward Sword. They will crawl towards Link, trying to ram their body into him. When hit with a sword, they will split into two smaller enemies called Gels. Gels look just like Zols, except they are much smaller in size. If left alone, two smaller Gels will merge together to form another Zol.


Fire Keese

-not new, but not on the page yet.


-Silent/Siren Realm/World -one-hit -inactive when in safe circle or when tear is collected (90 seconds) -activated by Lantern Ghost spotting Link

Lantern Ghost

-patrols Silent/Siren Realm/World -activates Guardians if it catches Link in its light


-history trailer. looks like they serve the same function as in TP

Puffer Fish

-appear in desert region -defeated by shooting compressed air(/water?)