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Target lock: Furnix

This spirit bird is said to survive by
eating flames. Due to its cautious
nature, it can be difficult to approach.

However, by catching and holding the
bird's attention, some are able to
successfully attack it. I suggest being
wary of its curled tail.

Furnixes are man-sized birds found exclusively in Skyward Sword. They can be found in the Ancient Cistern, Skipper's Retreat, and Sky Keep. Their method of attack is flying down close to Link and spitting a spread shot of three fireballs at Link. They have loops connecting to their tails that allow Link to pull them to the ground using the Whip. Once the Furnix is on the ground, it can be easily dispatched with the Sword. Once Link acquires the Bow, he can easily defeat the Furnix from a distance. Furnix resemble Kargaroks from previous titles.