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1 Heart.png Electric Roll


Bomb - 1 hit
Goddess Sword - 3 hits


Ampilus are enemies from Skyward Sword.

Ampilus is an unusual crab-like desert-dwelling enemy whose only mode of attack is rolling at Link with its shell electrically charged. On the inside of its hard spiral shell is a soft crab. The simplest way to defeat the Ampilus is by blowing it up with a Bomb. The other way to defeat the Ampilus is to stun it by either shield bashing it or leading it into a wall. Once it is stunned, Link can easily destroy it by hitting it with his Sword. When defeated, it drops 5 Rupees. When surfacing on streaming sink-sand, Link can defeat it and get on top of its shell to reach areas that is incapable to reach when not defeating it first.

When caught in a Timeshift Stone-affected area, Ampilus turn into babies that can only harm Link when he is holding them. The babies give off a periodical electric charge which is used to turn on the power to the nodes.