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Target lock: Ampilus

These monsters have inhabited the
desert for eons. Their defining
characteristic is an ability to internally
generate electrical energy.
It is also said they live to a very old
age. Their shells are able to disperse
weight surprisingly well, allowing them
to safely traverse desert sinksand.

Ampilus are enemies from Skyward Sword.

Ampilus is an unusual crab-like desert-dwelling enemy whose only mode of attack is rolling at Link with its shell electrically charged. On the inside of its hard spiral shell is a soft crab. The simplest way to defeat the Ampilus is by blowing it up with a Bomb. The other way to defeat the Ampilus is to stun it by either shield bashing it or leading it into a wall. Once it is stunned, Link can easily destroy it by hitting it with the Sword. When defeated, it drops 5 Rupees. When surfacing on streaming sinksand, Link can defeat it and get on top of its shell to reach areas that is incapable to reach when not defeating it first.

When caught in a Timeshift Stone-affected area, Ampilus turn into babies that can only harm Link when he is holding them. The babies give off a periodical electric charge which is used to turn on the power to the nodes.