Ampilus Egg

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Ampilus Egg





Ampilus Eggs are enemies found in Skyward Sword.

Ampilus Eggs have the ability to give off electricity, allowing them to shock Link if he comes into contact with them while they are electrified. Link can use these enemies to power the generators within Lanayru Desert during his mission to uncover the Lanayru Mining Facility. Ampilus grow from their larval stage of the Ampilus Egg very slowly. This is why the Timeshift Stones are able to convert them from one form to another without making them disappear in the past like all other monsters that are from the present.

Since the Ampilus Eggs give off an electric charge, Link should use the Hook Beetle to transport the egg. Sword slashes and throwing can also be used when the egg is not giving off a charge, but these tactics are riskier, especially in hero mode when they deal more damage.

Ampilus Eggs cannot be killed. The hard outer shell protects the soft body on the inside.