Twilight Princess: Poe Souls Guide
Here are the locations of all 60 Poe Souls found within Twilight Princess, which will break the curse on Jovani and Gengle in Castle Town. Go to your menu screen while in the game to see the Poe Soul icon, which tells you how many souls you've collected so far. For full context as to when you can get each Poe Soul in your quest, be sure to check out our Twilight Princess Walkthrough.

Jovani (Prizes!!!)

On the way to see Princess Zelda for the second time, you'll be forced to enter a house filled with gold, rupees, and a new enemy called an Imp Poe. After defeating it and gathering your first Poe Soul, you'll meet up with a new character known as Jovani. He explains that he sold his soul to a "dark creature" due to his greed. He now has infinite gold and rupees, however he was turned to a solid gold statue along with his cat, Gengle, who is atop his head.

After collecting 20 Poe Souls, you can bring them to Jovani and partially break the curse on him. This allows him to move around slightly, but still, well, made of gold. He determines there must be 60 in total and asks you to keep searching. As reward for your progress thus far, he'll give you a BOTTLE filled with Great Fairy's Tears.

Once you've collected all of the Poe Souls in the game (60), Jovani will return to normal and be very excited that he can finally see his girlfriend again. As reward, he'll give you a SILVER RUPEE. After that, you can speak with him in Telma's Bar, then return to Jovani's House and speak with his cat, Gengle, to get another 200 Rupees anytime you like.

Arbiter's Grounds
1, 2, 3 & 4
These are found throughout the dungeon. Click here to go to the Arbiter's Grounds in our walkthrough.

Castle Town
Take the side road between the bridge that leads to Eldin and the South Road. On this street, you'll find an alleyway filled with cats. In wolf form, use your senses to find a speckly spot alongside the building that you can dig into. Inside Jovani's House, you'll find a Poe.

Cave of Ordeals
In the Gerudo Desert, get on top of the Gerudo Mesa (warp point) and investigate the large stone object at the top. Speak with Midna to warp the Bridge of Eldin back to its proper location.
Back atop the Gerudo Mesa, you'll find it was blocking the entrance to a hidden cavern known as the Cave of Ordeals, 50 floors of tough enemies for a prize at the end.

Floor 17: Stalhounds.

Floor 33: ReDeads.

Floor 44: Dynalofs.

City In The Sky
In the room with Peahats, Baba Serpents and Helmasaurs, Clawshot to the little island off to the left.
In the area just outside the fan room where you get the Big Key, tight rope across all the platforms, working your way to the west where you'll find a Poe.

Death Mountain
Use the Goron to get onto the ledge on the right.

Faron Woods
In central Faron Woods, with all the purple fog, use Midna to jump to the central platform where there's a Poe at night.

Gerudo Desert
Just south of where you land when taking Fyer's Desert Flight, there's three skulls in the sand next to a platform. The Poe is found here at night.
Atop the Gerudo Mesa platform (Warp Portal) at night.
In the northern portion of the desert (where the Bulblins ride have the watch towers and ride around on Bulbos) go off to the west to find a tree you can Clawshot to access an upper platform. A Poe is found up here at night above a circle of skulls.
16 & 17
In the same area as #15, use your senses to see a sparkly spot in the circle of skulls. Dig down to found a boulder filled cavern with two Poes floating around.
Just before entering the Bulblin fortress, off to the side of where you met the Golden Wolf is a Poe at night.
Return to the burned down remains of the building where you fought King Bulblin at night.
Outside the entrance to the Arbiter's Grounds.

Push the southernmost tombstone.
In the middle of the area at night.

Hidden Village
Floating atop the overhang of the southernmost house at night. To reach it, use your Clawshot on the nearby netting and climb up. This Poe is only avaliable after you show Impaz the Dominion Rod.

Hyrule Field: Outside Castle Town
Southeast of Castle Town (Wii) there's some old ruins that looks like a theater of sorts. At night, you can find a Poe.
From Castle Town, take the western exit (Wii) which leads to Eldin. There is a small area between Castle Town itself and the larger bridge over the river, this bridge has a Poe on it at night.

Hyrule Field: Kakariko Gorge
To the east of the bridge is a platform with a single tree. Next to the tree is a Poe at night.
To the far south of the area is a boulder blocking a cave. Inside, you'll encounter many forks in the road. To get to the Poe Soul, go left, left, right, right (Wii). If you're playing the GameCube version, it'll be right, right, left, left.

Hyrule Field: North of Faron
Find the bridge that crosses the stream. Just north of here is a slight rise with a tree where a Poe can be found at night.

Hyrule Field: North of Castle Town
In the center of the area is a bridge that spans across the part of Zora's River that flows through Castle Town. A Poe can be found atop the bridge at night.
30 & 31
From the Warp Portal next to Castle Town, go to the northern portion of Hyrule Field. As you emerge into this area, go directly north (to the east, Wii, of the bridge) to find a bunch of trees where a Lizalfos is usually hanging out. In the middle of all the trees is a chunk of grass that suspiciously has a non-grassy circle in the middle. Transform into a wolf and use your senses to see a sparkly spot. Dig down into an underground area that has tons of Deku Babas along with two Poes.

Hyrule Field: South of Castle Town
In the field that is just south of Castle Town, you'll find a Poe out here at night, on the stairs next to the fountain.

Hyrule Field: Great Bridge of Hylia
South of the Great Bridge of Hylia is a smaller, wooden bridge. Just south of that, you can see a Poe that's on an upper ledge at night. To get there, blow up the boulders on the other, nearby platforms using Bomb Arrows, then use the Clawshot to latch onto the targets and get to the Imp Poe.

Kakariko Village
Hanging out at night in the remains of Barne's Supply Shed we blew up when collecting Tears of Light before.
In the same general area at night, follow the path up to the highest building in the village where Talo and the Goron are keeping watch during the day.

Lake Hylia
To the far west (Wii) of Lake Hylia is a patch of land off by its lonesome, just south of the giant waterfall from Zora's River. At the south end is a Poe at night.
Directly south of the Warp Portal, jump across the amazingly annoying tiny platforms, and if you are successfully, you'll be able to get to the open area to the far south where you'll find a Poe at night.
From the platform where the Warp Portal is located, go to the southeast (Wii) and climb up the ladder in your Hylian form. Follow this upper area to the far end where there's a large tower (that Auru is atop after the Lakebed Temple). Just south of it, a Poe will be hanging out during the night.
On the second to lowest tier of the Isle of Riches near the middle of Lake Hylia is a Poe only at night. You'll have to get there by playing Falbi's Flight by Fowl.
Play Falbi's Flight by Fowl and while flying around with the chicken, immediately make a U-turn, facing back to the north. You'll find a hidden platform up here with a single Cucco and an Imp Poe roaming this area at night.
41, 42 & 43
Just south of the Howling Stone is a boulder blocking the Lake Hylia Cavern. Blow it up and traverse the cavern to find three Poes along the way.

Sacred Grove
Go to the side area where you fought Skull Kid the first time as a wolf. In the center of this area is a boulder that you can blow up with a Bomb to reveal a Poe.
In the area with the pedestal where you found the Master Sword, there's a Poe floating around at night.
In the side area where you fought Skull Kid the first time, climb up the vines to get back to the area where you chased Skull Kid around. In this forest maze (Lost Woods?) find the area with the raised platform and waterfall, swim under the waterfall and circle around to get on top of the platform itself where you will find a Poe.

After you have passed the icy lake on your way upwards, you'll pass by some rock formations. At night there is a Poe.
From the bottom, after passing the icy lake and the large rocky areas, you'll come to a cliff face that you have to circle around and go up a ramp. Rather than going up the ramp, turn the other way and follow the wall to the southwest (Wii) which leads to a ledge with a lone tree. At night, you can find a Poe here.
On the way up the mountain, you'll come to a fork in the path that goes either right (Reek Fish scent trail) or to the left (Wii), which leads to a large open area with Ice Keese and a few trees scattered around. The first tree you come to has a Poe chillin' out next to it at night.
Within the icy cave that leads up to the top (where the Warp Portal is) there's some chunks of ice at the bottom that you can break using the Ball & Chain, revealing a Poe.
After snowboarding down to the Snowpeak Ruins, turn around and look up at the mesa to see a Poe at night. Climb up into the snow and follow the edge of the hill, which steadily zig zags upwards up to the top.

Snowpeak Ruins
Floating around in the entrance room as soon as you enter. Can't miss it.

Also in the entrance room, right next to the door leading out of the ruins are sets of armor against the walls. Destroy the middle set of armor off to one side completely using the Ball & Chian to find a Poe.
On the second floor, in the room to the far southwest (directly above the kitchens) it is all frozen over. Use the Ball & Chain to break through the nearby ice barrier to access this Poe.

Temple of Time
Go to the large round room on the third floor, where you can see a Poe behind a gate to the east. Use the Dominion Rod to move the little metal jars onto the switch that is behind the gate. Alternatively, while bringing the statue through the area, you can smash the gate with its hammer. Transform into a wolf and collect the Poe Soul.

On the seventh floor, go to the room with the giant golden balance scale. Put a ton of weight on the one side (by using the Dominion Rod to get more nearby metal jar things or putting the giant statue on one side). Once you have a ton of weight on one side, stand on the other so you are at a higher point than level. Face towards the center of the room and Clawshot up to the target in the center of the ceiling. Walk over to the rails, use the Spinner to latch on and be taken over to high, southern platform. Kill the Poe you find.
In the entrance area, just before entering the temple itself, return with the Dominion Rod and use it to move the statues blocking the alcoves to either side. Behind one of them is a Poe.

Upper Zora's River
Where the river forks is a chunk of land in between it. Swim over there at night to find a Poe.

Zora's Domain
From the water, swim over to the chunk of land to the west (Wii) or east (GameCube) and follow it to the end to find a Poe at night.
From the entrance to Snowpeak, transform into a wolf and use Midna to jump across the gaps going upwards. Once you reach the area behind the waterfall, you'll find a Poe here at night.