Bombs- Found in the first dungeon, the Gnarled Root Dungeon. Bombs can be used to blow up certain parts of walls. They can also be used to defeat enemies.
Boomerang- Found in the Subrosian Dance Hall. After talking Dancing with the Subrosians, if Link does well he will be rewarded with a Boomerang. It can be used to attack enemies, hit switches far away, or to retrieve items from a distance.
Gasha Nut- After planting a Gasha Seed in soft soil. Return there to that spot after awhile and a tree will have grown and a Gasha Nut will be on the tree. Hit it with your sword to get it. There are all sorts of different things in the Gasha Nuts.
Gasha Seed- Found all throughout the land. Some are given to link, found in treasures, from Maple, and some are rewards after beating mini-games. The Gasha Seeds can be planted in Soft Soil. Return after awhile and a tree will have grown and a Gasha Nut will be there. All sorts of treasures are in Gasha Nuts.
Gnarled Key- After speaking with the Maku Tree for the first time, the Maku Tree will tell Link that he needs to collect the eight essences and the Maku Tree will give you the Gnarled Key so you can enter the first dungeon where the first essence is located.
Power Bracelet- Found in the 2nd dungeon, Snakes Remains. The Power Bracelet allows link to pick-up small rocks and push and pull different things.
Ring- Found almost everywhere. Link can get Rings from treasures, rewards, from Maple, and some are given to Link. Rings can be appraised at the Jewelery Store. The rings all have different powers and Link can possess those powers if he wears the rings.
Ring Box (Level 1)- Given to Link by the Jeweler. All rings that Link has appraised go here. Link can only wear one ring when he has the Level One Ring Box.
Rod of Seasons- Found in Subrosia at the Temple of Seasons. The rod of seasons has the power to change the season. There must be a tree for Link to stand on before he can change the season. Link must get the different spells that he can cast with the Rod in order to change the season.
Seed Sachel- Found in the first dungeon, the Gnarled Root Dungeon. After defeating the Mini-Boss, you will go into an underground area where Link gets the Seed Sachel. The Seed Sachel allows link to hold seeds. Ember seeds come with the Sachel.
Seeds (Ember)- When Link gets the Seed Sachel, ember seeds are already in the sachel. Ember seeds can be used to burn down trees, kill enemies, or light rooms and torches.
Seeds (Mystery)- Found in the Eastarn Suburbs of Horon Village. The Mystery Seeds can activate any of the Owl statues. They also can be used to defeat enemies.
Shield 1 (Wooden Shield)- Can be purchased in Horon Village for 30 rupees. The Wooden Shield is the most basic of the shields. It can deflect only a few attacks.
Shovel- In the Woods of Winter just east of Horon Village. There is a house that has a front entrance and an entrance from the chimney. Head left a screen and cas tthe Wintry Chill with your Rod of Seasons. Blimb the stairs and head right. Jump onto the snow and enter through the Chimney. Holley in the house will give Link the Shovel if he shovels the snow in front of the house.
Sword 2 (Wooden Sword)- Found in Hero's Cave. The Wooden sword is the first of the swords. It is the weakest of the swords. The sword is Links most common item used to fend off enemies.