The Adventure of Link Spells
This section contains images, descriptions, and the locations of every Spell found in The Adventure of Link.


Spell List

 - Found in the Town of Rauru, Shield will be the first Spell new and veteran players will usually get first. It basically doubles your defenses, making it one of the most simple, and yet useful Spells in the whole game. No matter if it's a boss, tough enemy, this Spell will always be successful in saving you from danger.

 - Using this will let you jump twice as high. It is found in Ruto after you give the Trophy to the niece of the Wise Man. The Trophy is located in a small cave in northern Parapa Desert.

 - The Spell that is usually favorited by players who tend to die a lot. The Life Spell will recover around half of your health meter when you're in battle. It is found in the town of Saria near Death Mountain. Find a mirror under one of the tables in one of the houses and give it to the niece of the Wise Man.

 - A rather weird Spell, but is still very useful none less. It lets you turn into a fairy, letting you fly around to high places, avoid enemies, and more. Strangely, you can fly through locked doors with this in palaces. It is found in Mido.

 - One of the most unused Spells, but it comes in handy. The Fire Spell is needed to destroy certain enemies that are immune to everything else. It can be found in the town of Nabooru in Eastern Hyrule.

 - This Spell is mostly used at deflecting magic beams from wizard enemies. Its main usage will be used against the boss in the Maze Island Palace. It is located in Darunia; find the lost child in Maze Island and give it to the Wise Man's wife.

New Kasuto
 - A Spell called Spell. It is found in New Kasuto. Its main function is getting you the Magical Key in the same town so you can get through the Hidden Palace. Go to the far end of town and use this to get the key. It can also turn weaker enemies into little Bots.

Old Kasuto
 - Unless you've obtained all four Magic Containers, the Wise Man will not give you this one. Yes, it uses a lot of magic. Find the Wise Man in Old Kasuto and talk to him. He will give you the Thunder Spell, which destroys all of the enemies on the screen, and is needed to beat Thunderbird in the Great Palace.

Downward Thrust
 - When you get this from one of the knights, you will be able to perform downward stabs on enemies. It is found in the church in the Harbor Town of Mido.

Upward Thrust
 - Much like the Downward Thrust, but it goes up instead. This comes in handy in fighting enemies coming down at you such as Deelers and Giant Bots. Go down the chimney in one of the houses in Darunia and talk to the Knight to get this one.