The Adventure of Link Items
Here you can find images, descriptions, and the locations of every item found in The Adventure of Link.


Item List

Blue Potions
Various Locations
 - Blue Potions can restore a little bit of your magic. For the most part, they are found after you kill an enemy. Comes in handy in times where you need to use a Spell and you need just a little more to use it.

Maze Island Palace
 - Found in the Maze Island Palace, the Boots give you the ability to walk on water. However, you can only walk on certain paths of water, not just anywhere. These are required to reach the Ocean Palace.

Parapa Palace
 - The Candle can light up caves and lets you see the enemies, and everything else inside of them. It is found in the first palace of the game in Parapa Desert.

Hidden Palace
 - Found in the Hidden Palace, the Cross lets you see invisible Moas. Since this item is found in the last palace before the Great Palace, it comes in handy mostly in letting you see the Moas on the path to the Great Palace in the Valley of Death.

Ocean Palace
 - The Flute only has two purposes in the game: Destroying the River Devil blocking the path to Southeastern Hyrule and making the Hidden Palace appear. It is found in the Ocean Palace.

Spectacle Rock
 - One of the best items, the Hammer can destroy boulders blocking your path. It can also do the same thing to forests. It is found deep underground in a hole at the end of Death Mountain. Beware, it is heavily guarded.

Handy Glove
Midoro Palace
 - After you obtain this, your sword will be able to break blocks found in all of the palaces. It is hidden inside of Midoro Palace. Unlike a lot of the other palaces, the Handy Glove is required to get to the boss in Midoro Palace.

Heart Containers
Various Locations
 - A total of four Heart Containers can be found all throughout Hyrule. They increase your life meter by one point, making it harder for you to get knocked out. Two are found in Western Hyrule, while the other two are found in Eastern Hyrule.

 - Keys can be found in every palace in Hyrule except the Hidden and Great Palace. Their function is simple: Unlocking doors in palaces. However, once one is used on a door, it cannot be reused. The Magical Key fixes this, however.

Link Dolls
Various Locations
 - Six Link Dolls can be found throughout Hyrule (four in the overworld and two in late palaces). They are basically 1UPs, and they are rather hard to find. They can only be used once each, so use them wisely. A good way to use them in in places like Death Mountain and the Great Palace.

Magic Containers
Various Locations
 - Just like Heart Containers, there are a total of four Magic Containers hidden in Hyrule. They increase your magic gauge by one point, making it possible to use more demanding Spells such as Thunder.

Magical Key
New Kasuto
 - Without this key, it would be impossible to get through the Hidden Palace. This key lets you reuse it on locked doors over and over again. Use the Spell Spell at the end of New Kasuto to make a building rise out of the ground containing it.

Point Bags
Various Locations
 - Point Bags are found in certain areas and sometimes inside enemies. They can hold as little as 50 points, and as much as 500. If one of these comes out of a weak enemy, it will most likely contain 50, 200 for stronger enemies, etc.

Island Palace
 - Found in the Island Palace, the Raft lets you travel between Western Hyrule and Eastern Hyrule. The only place in the game it's used is to get between the two halves.

Red Potions
Various Locations
 - Red Potions will restore all of your magic, no matter how low your gauge is. They are mostly found in certain locations, and those are usually rather hard to find. If magic comes out of a strong enemy, it will usually be a Red Potion, not a blue one.