Temple of Droplets

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Temple of Droplets

The Temple of Droplets is the fourth dungeon in The Minish Cap. It is the second (and last) dungeon that Link goes through as a Minish for the entire dungeon. The item of this dungeon is the Flame Lantern which resembles the Lantern from other games. The boss of this dungeon is a Giant Octorok. After completing this dungeon, Link obtains the Water Element. This dungeon is the only one that does not contain a Heart Piece in its interior, excluding Dark Hyrule Castle.



The enemies in this dungeon:

Mini Boss

Main article: Big Blue ChuChu

While this is regular sized Blue ChuChu as a human, it appears as a gigantic giant creature when Link is a Minish. This begins the mini-boss battle with the Big Blue Chuchu. He is like the Big Green ChuChu, except that he is electrified! So, be careful when attacking!


Main article: Big Octorok

This is another oversized enemy. He will try to throw rocks at Link. Deflect them and then burn its tail!