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Big Blue ChuChu





Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


1-4 Heart.png Contact
1-4 Heart.png Jump Attack
1-2 Heart.png Electricity



The Big Blue ChuChu is a mini-boss that appears in The Minish Cap and is encountered in the Temple of Droplets.[1]


Like the Big Green ChuChu in the Deepwood Shrine, the Big Blue ChuChu is an ordinary Blue ChuChu, but it appears as a large ChuChu due to Link being shrunk. However, unlike the Big Green ChuChu, it has the ability to produce electricity at Link.

The battle against the Big Blue ChuChu is similar to the one against the Big Green ChuChu. On occasions, this mini-boss jumps around trying to damage Link. Additionally, unlike the Big Green ChuChu, it has the ability to electrocute Link. To defeat it, Link must utilize the Gust Jar while the Big Blue ChuChu is not electrified, which will get the giant enemy to fall and make vulnerable to Link's sword attacks. After a few hits, the ChuChu will get back up. The process repeats, so keep hitting the boss until he has been defeated.

When defeated, a treasure chest will appear in the room which contains the dungeon item, the Flame Lantern.

130 Big Blue Chuchu
Figurine Big Blue Chuchu (TMC).gif

Appears in the Temple of Droplets. An ordinary blue Chuchu. Fighting him while Minish-sized is daunting, but just avoid that electric attack.