Rapids Ride Operator

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Rapids Ride Operator
Rapids Ride Operator Sprite.png
The Rapids Ride Operator's Sprite



The Rapids Ride Operator is a minor character in Link's Awakening. He spends his time in the Raft Shop at Tal Tal Heights. For 100 Rupees, he will rent a raft to Link.[1] The raft can be taken on the Rapids Ride.


  • The Rapids Ride Operator has the same exact sprite as the Trendy Gamester, except the operator is wearing green instead of blue in the DX version of the game. Both bear a strong resemblance to Takamitsu Kuzuhara, one of the developers of Link's Awakening.



  1. "Want to go on a raft ride for a hundred Rupees? Yes No Way" — Rapids Ride Operator, Link's Awakening.