Great Swamp

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The Great Swamp is a location in A Link to the Past.

The swampy filled area is filled with grass and a wide variety of enemies. There are enemy Crows perched on some of the landmarks, as well as some Blue Archers that are abundant in the northern portion of the swamp. The marshy area makes for a good place for enemy Green Archers, who hide underneath the grass. They will pop up, shoot an arrow, and quickly burrow back underground. Similarly, the Great Swamp is one of the only locations where Link will encounter a Toppo, a rabbit-like enemy that continuously jumps up from underground.


The Great Swamp covers the area just south of Link's House. It is bordered to the east by Lake Hylia and off to the west by the Desert of Mystery. The Great Swamp extends to the northwest and also covers the Haunted Grove region, ending just before the entrance to South Kakariko Village.


At the northeast corner of the Swamp there is a secret cave that can be blown up by placing a Bomb. This will lead to a Fairy Fountain.

At the northwest corner of the main portion of the Swamp, there is a Magical Warp Tile that will take Link to the Dark World. However, it can only be accessed after Link has acquired the Magic Hammer.

Just south of Magical Warp Tile in the deep water of the Swamp, Link can find a Whirlpool Waterway. Link will need to have the Flippers in order to use this particular waterway. Swimming into it will send Link to the Waterway just west of the Witch's Hut.

Swamp Ruins

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At the south end of the Great Swamp, Link can find the Swamp Ruins, a large Ruin which is the Light World counterpart of the Swamp Palace from the Dark World. Link will need to pull the lever inside so that he can progress within the Swamp Palace.