Hudson Construction Fabric

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Hudson Construction Fabric
Hudson Construction Fabric - TotK icon.png


Hudson Construction-style paraglider fabric





1500 Rupees

Obtained from


Alternate paraglider fabric

The Hudson Construction Fabric is a key item from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"Tough fabric bearing a Hudson Construction design. It looks like it could be used to make a paraglider."

— In-game description

After Mattison leaves Tarrey Town for Gerudo Town, Rhondson returns to running Hudson Construction's a "dream-home service", which comes with "a little commemorative gift to celebrate starting down the path to dream-home ownership!" After Link has purchased the "land-rooms-combination deal for only 1,500 rupees", assembled the house and passed Grantéson's inspection; Rhondson comes by to give him the "commemorative gift" - the Hudson Construction Fabric.

It can be applied to Link's paraglider by Sayge at the Kochi Dye Shop for 20 rupees.