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Bremeur is one of the four deceased knights who originally protected King Mutoh.[1] He was ranked third among the knights of the Cobble Kingdom during his lifetime. He informs Link that defeating Eox will soothe Mutoh's anger granting him an audience with the king and an opportunity to obtain the last pure metal, Aquanine.[2][3][4] Conversing with Bremeur spawns a bridge Link crosses to speak to the second ranked Cobble Knight, Doylan.[5]



  1. "This is the Cobble Kingdom, land of the sea people that was destroyed long ago... I am one of the four knights who serve under the king. I am the third knight, Bremeur. I defend the seal of the land." — Bremeur, Phantom Hourglass.
  2. "Let's get the King's Key so we can wake up this land from its long sleep... Because... These amazing ruins mean there has to have been a kingdom here long ago. I'm starting to think that pure metal might be here." — Bremeur, Phantom Hourglass.
  3. "So you seek the pure metal to forge the sacred sword and slay a great monster... Our King Mutoh did have the pure metal you seek. But a monster entered his temple, awakening him from his sleep. He is enraged. Can you enter his temple and slay the monster? Can you calm the king's great rage? [.]Yes[.]No" — Bremeur, Phantom Hourglass.
  4. "Well then, you should go." — Bremeur, Phantom Hourglass.
  5. "Well then, show us how you can defeat the monster and soothe the angry king. Once the king has calmed down, I believe he will be willing to hear your story. To enter the great temple of King Mutoh, the sealed land must be resurrected. Meet the second knight, Doylan, who sleeps in the temple to the island's east. That temple is treacherous, but if you can overcome it, he will acknowledge you. I will open another path for you. Let it lead you." — Bremeur, Phantom Hourglass.