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Cucco Keeper
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The Cucco Keeper is a character from Link's Awakening.


Link's Awakening

The Cucco Keeper lives in the Hen House, a small building in the Tal Tal Mountain Range. He likes to take care of Cuccos. However, he complains to Link that Cuccos in the current day just don't have the "fighting spirit" that they used to, claiming that they used to be able to fly[1].

Later, while trying to obtain the Bird Key in order to enter Eagle's Tower, Link awakens the Flying Rooster using the Frog's Song of Soul. When he takes the Flying Rooster to the Hen House, the Cucco Keeper is amazed. He suggests that Link holds the rooster above his head, which lets it carry Link through the air[2]. After completing Eagle's Tower, Link can return to the Hen House to find the Cucco Keeper using the Flying Rooster to fly himself around the room[3].



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