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Hippo Model
LA19 Hippo.png
The Hippo Model in Link's Awakening (Switch)







The Hippo Model is a minor character in Link's Awakening. She lives in the northwestern house of Animal Village, where Schule Donavitch is painting her portrait. In Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX, when Link enters the room, she immediately sits down and asks him to leave.[1][2] In the Nintendo Switch remake, she stands in front of a screen while being painted.


  • In the Japanese version of Link's Awakening (Game Boy), the Hippo Model is hiding behind a cloth and asks Link to leave. This is because she was originally supposed to be painted nude. However, this was changed in the English release.



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  2. " Leave me alone! I'm trying to sit still so Schule can paint my portrait!" — Hippo Model, Link's Awakening.