Biggoron Sword Trading Sequence

 - In order to complete this side quest, you will need the following:

 * Epona
 * Freed King Zora from the Red Ice (beaten Ice Cavern)
 * Highly recommended that you have the Magic Bean planted in front of the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern

0:03 Medigoron's Shop
0:31 Giant's Knife
0:56 WTF?!
1:17 What You Need For This Sidequest!
1:52 Pocket Egg
2:38 Pocket Cucco
2:50 Talon (Epona Sidequest)
3:24 Cojiro
4:13 Odd Mushroom
4:56 Running To Kakariko
5:25 Getting To The Old Hag
5:52 Odd Potion
6:41 Poacher's Saw
7:18 Gerudo Valley
7:44 Broken Biggoron's Sword
0:03 Death Mountain Crater
0:31 Biggoron
0:58 Perscription
1:28 Getting To Zora's Domain
2:20 Eye Ball Frog
2:48 To Lake Hylia!
4:16 World's Finest Eyedrops
5:31 Through Hyrule Field
6:28 Death Mountain Trail
6:50 The Wall
7:24 Claim Check
8:38 Biggoron's Sword

Pocket Cucco
 - Go speak with the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village who will tell you she's breeding a new type of Cucco. She'll give you an egg to test run it because you look like a good Cucco raiser, no don't you?
 - To hatch the egg, you simply have to wait until dawn. Play the Sun's Song twice or wait around in Hyrule Field. After that, return to Kakariko Village and enter the house right below the stairs (across from the Skulltula House and Shooting Gallery).
 - Inside, you'll find Talon asleep on the bed again. Use the chicken to wake him up and he'll go back to Lon Lon Ranch if you've already gotten Epona from there. Return to the Cucco Lady and she'll give you Cojiro.
Odd Mushroom
 - That chicken used to belong to her lost brother, whom you may have seen in the past in Kakariko Village at night (the freaky pale guy). Go to the Lost Woods and take the first left and you'll find him. Whip out Cojiro on him and he'll ask for your help, giving you the Odd Mushroom.
Odd Potion
 - Now you have a time limit of three minutes. You can't teleport to get there faster either. Get out into Hyrule Field (this is made particularly easy if you have the Magic Bean planted nearby) and ride Epona to Kakariko Village.
 - From there, run to the last building on the right when you're heading to Death Mountain, this is the Potion Shop (it's got pictures of potions above the door too). Inside, run through the back door on the left and you'll appear outside. Jump down and go up the ramp to find a little door, which is the secret shop owned by the old hag, who gives you the Odd Potion.
Poacher's Saw
 - Take the Odd Potion back to the Lost Woods to find a Kokiri girl who tells you that the Cucco Lady's brother has turned into a Stalfos. Well that's lovely. She'll then demand you give her back the Odd Potion because it belongs in the forest and give you the Poacher's Saw that the guy left.
Broken Biggoron's Sword
 - Head to Gerudo Valley and cross the bridge. If you haven't fixed it yet, you can get across with a running start with Epona or using the Longshot. Speak with the fat guy here and he'll trade you for the Broken Biggoron's Sword.
 - Take the broken sword to the very top of Death Mountain and give it to Biggoron. Unfortunately, he got some volcano dust in his eyes and can't see. He'll take the broken sword and give you the Perscription.
Eyeball Frog
 - Go all the way to Zora's Domain and speak with the now unfrozen King Zora. He doesn't actually have the eye drops, just the ingredients. He'll trade you for the Eyeball Frog.
World's Finest Eye Drops
 - Another timed one with three minutes, quickly run out of Zora's Domain and jump into the stream. Just stay left and swim as fast as you can back to Hyrule Field. From there, jump on Epona and gallop to Lake Hylia to the southwest, jumping across the fences.
 - Once there run in to the Lakeside Laboratory and give it to the freaky old scientist. He'll be esctatic at first, thinking he can eat it, but will eventually turn it into the World's Finest Eye Drops.
Claim Check
 - Now we have the hard part. Although you have four minutes, it's loads harder than the last two timed trades. Run out of the building, jump on Epona and run back to Kakariko Village. Run straight through and up the mountain. Hopefully, you have the Magic Bean planted right in front of Dodongo's Cavern, which will save a lot of time. From there, run across the valley that used to drop the flaming rocks from the mountain.
 - Whip out your Fairy Bow and kill the Skullwalltulas up above and start climbing up. You should be able to make it with just a few seconds remaining. He'll give you the Claim Check, apparently it takes a couple days...
Biggoron's Sword
 - Either go play somewhere or play the Sun's Song a couple times and speak with him to get, finally, the Biggoron Sword! Whew!
 - This two handed sword does twice the damage of the Master Sword, but you can't use your shield at the same time. If you hack first, ask questions later, this is the weapon for you!