Lost Woods (A Link to the Past)

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Lost Woods
The Master Sword, sitting in the Lost Woods




The Lost Woods are a set of mist filled woods that cover the top-left corner of the map in A Link to the Past. It's full of thieves, distrustful animals, counterfeit swords, Mushrooms, pitfalls and tunnels. But, most of all, it holds the true Master Sword. Even if Link finds it, he will not be able obtain it until he has all three Pendants of Virtue to prove that he is the Hero of Legend.


"Northwestern Hyrule was heavily wooded. It was dark and dreary, so few people ventured in, but those who did often fell victim to thieves. An old legend retold by the village elders claimed that the Master Sword lay waiting in the woods for one who was worthy of it."

"For as long as most Hyruleans could recall, a dark mist had cloaked the Lost Woods. Thieves found it a fitting place to hide out, but aside from them, the woods were home to animals only. People seeking Mushrooms for medicinal potions sometimes dared enter, but they didn't stay long. Some reported finding swords in the woods."

"When the Master Sword was retrieved, the dark mist suddenly cleared and warm sunshine bathed the woods for the first time in many years."

--A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide


There are several entrances to the Lost Woods. Regardless of where you enter, you will find the Master Sword by going through the log in the topmost Northwestern corner. To get there from the Lumberjack's house, near Death Mountain, go left to enter in the Lost Woods. Head down left and go down a log, then go up the log just to the left of it. Head left and go through the log there. Go left and through the next log. Head all the way to the left and head up the log here.

Items and Rewards